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The only thing i can think of, and ive seen this happen in the past with mates. Cocaine and amphetimines make you stay away, if your taking alot, you can be up for days! And this causes hallucinations really bad. Ive seen friends go home and unscrew everything electrical in there house, thinking C.I.D or watching them. Pulling wires off the wall. One lad i know was naked in a back yard of someone, because he thought the police have bugged his clothes. So i think, but i could be wrong he just needs a lot of rest and come off the coke and everything else. My mate who was addicted to wiz. Is now in a mental home, it was sad seeing him deteriate. But all this was started from no sleep and the drugs.

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I do yes.. i was bad on weed from 14 to 19. I dont touch it now. And i basically messed around with the wrong people, failed my gcses. I wish i could go back and start again. But ive got my kids the way i am. But i do a lot of thinking and regret alot of my past mistakes. But it makes me put these teachings in to my children, and my eldest doesnt take drugs,and is no were near as bad as i was. So im happy that way. Id say id be a more motivated person. Im going to teach my self how to plaster and tile this month. These things i regret not doing when i was younger .

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