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Well the only other thing i can think of.. ill tell you how my gf best mate.. how her bf and what he did on coke.. he unscrewed everything eletrical in the house thinking hes being watched.. he accused her of sleeping with asians... and he found an asian passport of a guy in the house.. he showed it her and it was a cut out of a kids book of a made up play passport... She came home and he had a machete on him in the house saying people are coming.. no one was obv.. Then he was missing and he was seen and pics uploaded on fb.. of him in someones back yard no socks or shoes on drinking water from a hose pipe. He got sectioned after that. Too much coke and no sleep makes you have a mental break down. You recan it could be that? If hes not enjoying it anymore. Its just gonna get worse.

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Thats great am happy for him and you. What was the food like? I ask everyone that haha.. i love food abroad.. Im doing hiit training in the gym at mo.. love it lol.. Well am am ok.. but i lapsed last week, i went out in town.. after a month.. but to be honest im doing and feeling a lot better and have it more under control. You could hold it in front of me now.. and id tell you .. get that away from me! It took me about 4 days recover.. i got in from town about 6am and had work that night. I was well pissed off. Im not doing that for a long time. I think im going to go to a hypnotist after my holl, and yeee its 57 days away haha i really cant wait. Im staying in till then, and then im going to decorate the front room and buy some new things for it.. so hopefully ill be ok. And thanks for that.. but i really think i need to help people the best i can.. it helps me as well. Im in contact with 2 other women off that pocket rehab who have probs with it as well. And they are thanking me a lot as well, bit bad really saying i cant stop fully my self lol.

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Hope your ok klc, im im the same situation as your husband.. My story is.. for 8 years ive been having it on and off.. like once every couple of week just on a friday. I realised i had a problem when i was having it on the house on my own. And how 1 bag can lead up to 2 3 or 4. My come downs off the coke had gone worse, it was making ke depressed and suicidal. And i even tried it at one point. Coke makes you really depressed and suicidal. Its not good at all. Ive got a gf and 3 kids and i realised i had to stop. So about 3 year ago i got help. And quit for 3 month. Then since then ive just lapsed after lapse. But its cut down a hell of a lot. This new year was my last straw. I quit for 2 month. But lapsed.. my gf wanted us go to a party but i said ill end up getting that. She said.. you will be fine.. but i wasnt.. Since then ive lapsed once a month. Which is am on the right track.. i can not stand the stuff.. i hate it.. i wish i never took it.. th3 main trigger for coke is alcohol.. does you husband drink? I deleted all my social media and took up hobbies. Its hard sticking to them. But how often is your husband taking it? If hes in bed everyday all day.. is it everyday? Does he still want to quit?. I can imagine what your going through. Its not fair on you or your son. If i can give any one advice on cocaine. It will be to dont ever touch the stuff! It ruins familys and is so addictive and a sneaky drug.

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