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Son issues with alcohol and drugs by

Has he got help with his trauma? Maybe this will help if hasnt. Its seems to be alot. We take drugs or alcohol to block out bad parts of out life. Alcohol is a depressent and now many people know that and it makes you a lot worse. If its effecting your health jen can you just not say, lets get some help for your trauma, and get help with the drugs. He will end up a lot better in the long run. And you need to start thinking of yourself. You cant do anymore


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Advice and support needed by

Hiya bev im going through a process of quitting coke. Im 6 week clean today. The drugs will be causing the mental problems if u ask me. Coke makes you depressed and suicidal. Unless theres something there before he did drugs? Otherwise drugs will make him a lot worse. And bev he keeps saying its your fault.. ask him.. well lets sit down and try and sort it and talk.. if he says money will.. tell him piss off! Am sorry but your health is more important! Is it just you 2 in your house? Does he work? Does he want to quit?


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How can I help my son? by

I always say this in these situations. Your in a real hard situation.. hes your son.. there no greater love than the love for your child. And from what you have said hes making your life hell. No son should make you that scared you have to lock yourself in the room. He should be protecting you if anything. Does he want to quit the drugs? Your asking how can you support him? I really dont know in these situations. Some people say. Leave him to it.. he will have to learn for himself.. then if anythimg happens you will blame yourself. Or u can let him back and say. No drugs you sort your self and thats it or your on the streets again.. which you probably know he will be the same again. Id probably support him.. by making sure his staying somewere or got warm clothes. And buy some food for him..dont give him money. What do you want to do? Is he your only child?

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5 weeks clean from coke today and thanks by

Hey georgia.. so has your bf cut his mates off now? Fair played to him if he has.. But i know what you mean now. You want to start a family and worried he might relapse again. Ive been thinking same that i prob cant go out ever again in pubs in bton.. every one is sniffing in every toilet you go in! So i have to accept i cant go in them. Even if i tell my self im ok. My heads up my ass with it all. My gf going out while im in the house reading a book :(


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Heroin, Methadone, Crack Cocaine ... and the children. by

Hope you both are ok.. its a difficult one heroin. My best mate has turned to this.. and his dad got him on it. Its sad when i see him like this and i avoid him. I really cant give any advice on this because ive never it.. but il say maybe tips or try my best.. Does your daughter want to quit? If she moves in with you for you to help her , i take it she will rob you? But you dont want to see her on the streets. But she really needs to want to quit. May be rehab for to sort her out. Locked away with guidence. May be look in to that. I dont know if u have to pay or not. Ive always said to my self if i win the lottery.. id buy a farm in the middle of nowere an island in scotland say..and get heroin addicts who want to quit. Live there and work and get them off it that way.. but thats just a dream lol. I think you need to sit with her and get it sorted before its to late like you say.


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