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Struggling by

I dont get why people take ketermine. Kids at my sons school take it.but hes Not allowed to go anywere near them. Just let your steam off on here if you are struggling. There are some really nice and decent women on here. Am sure they would swap numbers and talk to you and vice versa. Thats how this all works for addicts. To talk to someone with there problems. And i guess its the same for people who have a loved one needing help and the family member.

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Yes i have.. and long story short. I started 8 year ago. Taking it goin out for a while. But then i already become attached and we just stayed in at weekends. So i started having it in the house. I would never feel depressed and suicidal coming down off it for 1st few year. Then a couple of year ago. It made me depressed and suicidal. And i cried 1 morning, so i text my mum n told her everything and i asked for help. She was devastated but shes texting all the time and onto my gf as well lol. I started arguments without KNOWING so id go get some as an excuse. Your brain is so clever it craves it when u dont know. This is emotional relapse. Its hard. But ive learned when it comes.and you have treat it like an abusive ex. And tell my self its over.. do u really want to go back. These next months im dreading. But me and my gf have the kids bdays coming up and were going turkey. So shes staying with me till july at weekends and helping me decorate so i dont slip up.ive give her a lot of stick in the past. But shes stood by me through a lot.

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I’ve left my husband by

I think your right about the pills.. that he really had coke. The amount of times i said to my gf ill stop and i really wanted to! I just wasnt prepared or did enough research. He needs to do a prevention plan. Im more prepared and determained now and even tho ive had it once a month or once a week. I finally admitted i was an addict new years eve and then stayed up all night planning my month ahead how to fix it. When i set my self targets and goals its a lot easier.. and my names danny lol dnt matter about 1st names haha how u feeling anyway now?


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