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Need to chat with others who are going through the same situation by

Hi Lindyloo, It’s so difficult being a parent to an addict, it’s a great big learning curve, with lots of ups and downs on the way. Deleting all the dealers off his phone is a must, but whether they do it is another thing, there is so many of them about, complete scumbags. His ex sounds delightful, and being with her is not going to help your son at all, but if I was you I just wouldn’t mention her in your conversations with him. Take care and stay strong. Dx

Help to get 25 yr old son off Heroin by

Hi Janeygoffin, Sorry to hear your going through such a hard time with your Son. I only joined this site yesterday and have had some great people to chat too, and so many people going through exactly the same. If your Son is asking for help then perhaps he is ready to get serious help, does he say what kind of help he wants? I don’t know anything about Heroin, my own experience with my Son is cocaine and alcohol. Speaking to your Sons Doctor is a good starting point, see what he says and go from there. Let me know how you get on, take care. Dx

I feel so sad.. by

Hi Lindyloo, I feel exactly the same about talking to family members, as you say it would blow their minds. I do talk to my friends, but they are lucky they don’t have to deal with addiction, and I don’t think people really understand unless they do have to deal with it. When he’s clean and sober, life is good again, such a dramatic change, and a pleasure to live with. The drugs and drink completely take over their life and turn them into people that you hardly recognise as belonging to you, which is very hard to see. I love my Son too, but boy it’s hard work sometimes. Wishing you all the best and hoping your Son reaches out for help. Dx

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