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Hello kind of in a situation as yall im 42 years old and have been in a relationship for 11 years...and my partner is really bad into coke...ive tried to give her the benifit of doubt and have ask her to change and she says she will stop but it doesnt help...its really gotten bad as far as our relationship...she does it every night...she is constantly accusing me that i take her shit...(coke) its so bad that she says she put it in the dogs cage, or the toilet and on top of the roof...she constantly paranoid...dont get me wrong shes a different person when she is not on it...but the minute she starts at night forget it...she is a totally different person...when she s accuses me i get so mad that i tell her harsh shes dumb i wrong of telling her last night i had to leave cause she started accusing me that i stole her stuff she went as far as checking my pockets my bra...i got mad went to sleep on the couch...i dont sleep with her in the bed no more...cause everynight i already know what happens when shes on it...shes a completely different person...and what gets me is the next its like nothing ever happened...not even a apology...and i dont know how to make her stop...what should i do...and what really gets to me is she sleeps all day i go to wrk i come home expecting her to have food at least when i get home she doesn't wrk...she was just depending on that unemployment...which aint gonna last long...but no shes asleep and she dont get up till to the point where i want to move out i love her but me paying the bills all the tired and stuck...can someone give me really going crazy cause i dont want to loose her...but where shes going its just ruining our relationship...can anyone relate to my situation...

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