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Really need some help and advice please by

Hi again my 26 year old is living alone and the 28 year old still at home. Don’t get me wrong ,I have been sucked in with money in the past, but I have made sure they have both paid me back every penny. Can you not get your son on the council list that is what I have done with both of my sons. My eldest two are both married with families of their own and despise drugs and how it has effected me. At first my son put me on a guilt trip for making him homeless (he was sofa surfing) so I knew he was safe. With his mental health etc put him as an emergency for housing. Long story short he is now realising how much better life is for him away from home. I still have to manage all his bills and washing etc, I probably always will till I am no longer here. If it was left to him then he would be on the streets with no money. Basically I am his carer. He is now limited money wise tonwhat he can smoke or put up his nose but he is getting better. Had a good week at home with the other one. He’s been working hard (still owes me) but he’s not been snorting ket. You know if only I could lay my hands on the dealer, bet he’s been rubbing his hands together getting my sons hard earnt cash. Well he’s smoking weed now instead so in my eyes at least he’s not destroying his organs daily like he has been doing. He says it’s one a day after work to make him relax. I do not hide it from my friends any more. It’s their choice and they are not kids. It’s a shame that you can not have friends round. My friends have seen the other son abuse me etc as he has no filter. But now he is no longer living at home I can say to him not to come round if I have friends here. And if he does come and start abusing me then I ask him to leave so it does make life a lot simpler to what I have had to go through. Gambling on top of the drugs and the come downs. It’s never ending. I know I sound calm now but it has been a good week. Last week when I came to this site I was at my wits end. At least your son is talking to you. All you can do is explain about the dangers etc which I have always done. Yes I scream and shout as it’s soul destroying seeing your little ones you have nurtured destroying themselves. But it never stopped them so for my own sanity I have had to take a step back and try and be calm about things. I do state though not in my home, otherwise you are out like your brother. My biggest fear is what will happen when I am no longer around, probably the same as how your mother was feeling. They do tend to pull on your heart strings. But remember they are good liars when it comes to drugs and gambling. Hope you are feeling ok xx

by Marion

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Coke husband. by

Hi Em 28. I also hear the same thing that they will sort themselves out. I am hoping and things have settled down. But maybe it’s the calm before the storm. Addiction always comes first. I don’t know what to say to anyone as all our circumstances are similar but what do we do? Walk away turn our back on them. What’s right and what’s wrong. You do get to the stage where enough is enough and you will know even that time comes. But it does make it hard when the real person comes out. It’s like there is a glimmer of hope still and that is what we all fight to save. I won’t give up helping my sons even though I had to remove one from the home. He is lots better than when he was at home. Only you know what you should do. But it does help to talk to others in the same predicament.

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Desperate by

So sad reading all your posts on this site. I have written my own post and also answered on other posts. Am actually getting confused on who’s I have been writing on as they all seem to be similar posts. I have written about one son on one post then spoke about another one on someone else’s post. One of my sons is doing ket and it’s actually destroying him more than the coke is destroying my other son.I Actually detest what these addictions have done to two of my boys. If anybody had been reading all the forum then you have probably come across some of my posts so won’t repeat myself. I totally feel for each and everyone of the people on here. It’s a tough life seeing the people you love destroying themselves and destroying the families involved. The fear that I have lived with over the years when they were younger, is the same as what I have been reading. My husband is not the blood father so that makes it harder. It’s been a long bumpy road with a few smooth bits. 26 and 28 yes I worry but there comes a time when you have to take a step back. I have not given up and never will. I love all my children just these two have been very time consuming and hard work. They don’t want to stop so what can I do. They are also suffering with their mental health issues but the drugs make it worse. I still have my meltdown when it gets on top of me but then I have to be strong again because deep down I am the only one who really cares about them. I need to be strong for when they come down with a bang feeling suicidal. It’s draining and constant but over the years I have learnt to enjoy some of our time too. Sometimes you have to take a step back for the sake of your own sanity. I am feeling strong at the moment but i also weaken a lot of the times. Yes it’s been hard but not as hard as some of you have had it. I can not give advice as I don’t know the answer. Take care all

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Brother is beyond help... by

Hi there it’s sad that you have this burden on your shoulders. Maybe you’re parents are hoping the problem will go away. As far as I know I never had a problem with my sons stealing from us but I always had a lock on the bedroom and never left any temptation laying around. I have always been open about the drugs and the gambling and the dangers etc. But their choice is to continue doing what they like doing. They don’t think about the consequences or are oblivious to the states they get in. I am the one that has to suffer with the constant worry. There is no help out there because if they enjoy doing what they are doing and are in denial of having a habit then they do not want help. One of my sons has been in a secure unit after trying to commit suicide. He’s been admitted to hospital with cocaine psychosis and he’s only just turned 27 been dabbling since he was about 16. It is not a daily habit as he is living alone now and can not afford to but he still binges. He has got much better since I had to throw him out. I wrote about this on someone else’s post. I don’t know what you can do for your brother if he’s not willing to help himself. It’s me that wants them to stop destroying themselves but they don’t think it’s a problem. I live with the fear daily that I am going to lose one of them. Coming to this site two days ago has helped me with reading people’s posts. It’s very sad. I hope you can get to discuss your fears with your parents as they need to realise it’s become your problem too. Addiction destroys families. Hope I have helped but I am also in the same predicament. This is only a fraction of our lives. Maybe call the Samaritans although I never have myself. I have just learnt to cope over the years. I feel your pain x

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Hope by

Paula sorry to hear yet another post of addiction. It seems to be the norm now. Even though we try to detach ourselves it is always at the back of our minds. I am glad my two do not drive as that would only be another added worry. I see through their lies now although one is more open than the other. That’s what the drugs do to them. I don’t see an end to it all either as it’s been going on for so long. I feel so sorry for the people who are coping with the heroin addiction. I saw how it destroyed an old friend and she turned from that to alcohol and passed away at the young age of 36.I tried helping her but it was all about lies, deceit and pure selfishness. In a way I count myself as lucky in the fact that they have not turned to that. I have the constant worry of suicide as taking drugs with mental health issues do not mix well on their come down. All we can all do is try to live our lives and not let them keep destroying us. Easier said than done. Sometimes your mind gets so fed up of the constant worry of what’s going to happen next. Talking to people going through the same does give you that little bit of release as we must all be at our wits end to have to come on line looking for help and we all ended up here. It’s certainly helped me the past two days and it has been quiet at home as no dramas. Till the next time. Chin up and stay strong. And Thankyou to all that have helped me x

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Advice by

Hi again. I am one of them that cannot totally emotionally detach myself from them. I have spent the past two days going through here reading and replying to some which in a way has took my mind off things. It is hard to open up to people incase you and your family get judged. It’s ok for me to not like my sons a lot of the time but I do not want other people to not like them. As it is not them I dislike it’s their habits and seeing how they are destroying themselves. At least I do get some normal days with my boys as it is not always a daily thing. Well at the moment it is with my son who’s still living at home. There is something not right as he’s only had two mornings off the drugs. Although he does work hard it’s awful seeing him waste his money to the dealers. And yes it’s good to talk but at the end of the day the problem is still there. There is no help if they do not want to help themselves so unfortunately for people like us we have to suffer. In the past I have lost two good friends to drugs and drink and this is my biggest fear. This is why I try to help them as much as I can as if I didn’t and anything did happen to them then I would never be able to live with the guilt that I was not there for them. We all have different coping strategies, sometimes I can cope other times I can’t and I have a melt down. It’s draining it takes over your life and it’s bloody awful. They are very clever when it comes to the emotional blackmail. It’s our fault, blah blah. I explode with anger seeing them destroy themselves then I calm down the next day. It’s lovely to see them normal. The boys I nurtured and love. It’s heartbreaking seeing them off their nuts. Well I am sure you feel the same. What can we do? Nothing. Mine don’t think they have a problem, they are not addicted?? Even though they do not do it daily in my eyes they are still addicts. Hope I am making sense to you and that you have a better day today than yesterday xx

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Desperate by

How sad that we have all had to resort to looking for help on the internet. Everyone’s posts are so sad, and it is hard to speak out to others who will never truly understand how we feel unless have lived with it. I went through all the channels with one of my sons. Then it was child and family guidance. Complete waste of time. Psychiatrist behaviour support you name it I have done it. Was unable to work as never was given full time education even though he had statement of educational needs. Spent 10 years being sent round in circles to finally get diagnosis ADHD. I already knew this at age of 3 bring the 4th child I knew it was going to be a difficult time. So I can understand how you are all feeling as I have been there. Hopefully you will all get more help than I was ever offered. We were let down by the system and was left to me to contend with. I did the best I could and I have got this far. He’s not in prison. He has his own place, he’s always looked after his appearance so that was never an issue. But the mental side will always be there. The abuse, the sorry I did not mean it. The tantrums when I say no. I now have to detach myself away by just ignoring his messages for a couple days till he calms down. Have to be his councillor when he’s on his depressed state of mind. I will help him any way I can but I will not give into his demands any more. Even though I hate it it’s their choices (my sons) to do what they do. They openly let me know what they are doing. I advise them on the consequences I always have done. They know what damage it is doing to their mental state of minds and to the body but if they are not willing to stop it is out of my hands now they are adults. I have tried since the ages that you are all at now and all it has given me is stress and worry. My husband and I are getting older now and it should be our time to enjoy what time we have left as we are only here once. Yet I seem to spend my days constantly worrying about them two. It will never go away until you can emotionally detach yourselves away from them. Some parents have to and can, me personally I never will be able to but I have learnt to take a step back as no matter how calm or irrational I am it has not stopped them. My older two are fed up of listening to me and it’s not fair in them as they have their own lives and families which makes me feel so alone. Sorry if this has not helped any of you but I do hope you all get the help that is needed as I am sure there should be more help out there now to when mine were young. Good luck and try and stay strong all of you x

How to deal with addiction stereotype within the family by

Hi have been in here reading all day. Addiction is an illness. Many people will never understand. I may seem biased here but sometimes I do not understand why. I have two sons with addictions and I would certainly be devastated if anything happens to them. But I would not be blaming them it is the addiction the illness that takes them away. Yes they are selfish in their own way because whatever pain they are going through they have the addiction to compensate. Us being the family or friends are the ones who have to suffer because we have that emotional bond. I say hurtful things to my sons because I am at my wits end. Seeing them destroy themselves and I am helpless. But they are not to blame it’s the illness and there are so many small minded people out there who have not experience addiction or mental health that will never empathise. Am sorry if I am going on but reading and replying is actually taking my mind off the torture I am going through and is the reason I signed up to this site. Desperate is not the word but believe me, the addict is also suffering just they can numb it. We can’t!

by Trainer28

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I need help and support- sorry this is a long one by

Betsyhaggis I feel for you. I know the fear and anxiety approach. The lies the denial. Do you feel the hate and say awful things then the regret and guilt of saying horrible things. It’s never ending. I guess I am approaching it in the wrong way. I have tried the right way and that did not work. If you find an answer which there probably isn’t let me know please. All I can say is your a brave strong woman to still be there. Bless you

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Mental health, drugs n gambling. Don’t know what to do by

I just joined today to off load somewhere. I do not know what to say myself just that addiction is a horrible thing. Sitting here writing this now hearing my son snorting ketamine in his room. The anger and hurt that I feel right now is soul destroying. He works so hard yet is in debt up to his eyeballs. Unfortunately they do not see the suffering that they put the family through. They become selfish and the drugs and the gambling is all that matters to them. They lie and they don’t care that they are destroying themselves. I wish there was a solution. It’s sad My other children have mentally detached themselves away from my two sons. Which in a way is good at least they are not suffering like I am. I feel so alone as do many people on here that have written their stories. Hope you find some help out there. I have written more on other people’s posts and then realised I needed to start a new post. Have so much to write but mentally drained. I found some comfort on reading other posts as there is always someone worse off than yourself. I get so angry and abusive at them both then after I feel guilty. Surely this is no way to live waking up to this stress every day. I am always the one having to pick up the pieces when they are down. They are draining me. One of them lives alone now but is still battling with drugs and gambling and depression. Thing is they both do not think they have an addiction! Really. I would like to chat to people in the same predicament as myself. Thanks for listening

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