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Where to get my son help by

It is so sad reading all these different posts on here but it has also made me realise I am not alone. For the past 10 years or so I have been living in fear of finding one of my grown up sons dead through depression or the drugs. My life is a nightmare yet they both feel they do not need help and they are not addicted. Gambling on top. So sad seeing your kids destroying themselves. All I do now is get angry with them as they say they don’t need help and to let them get on with it. Any help will do please

by sdrofmum

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drugs have taken over my son by

Hi lime and Joanna I am also in the same predicament and at my wits end.looking for support two of my sons have mental health drug and gambling addiction. One works the other one does not. My two other children have totally detached themselves from them so I am dealing alone with the stress. My husband is not the biological father so he does not have the emotional bond that I have even though he’s been in their lives for 20 years. I registered on here today as I am at my wits end not knowing what to do. Feel free to get in touch

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Sisters by

Hi worried sister. You poor thing. I just joined today to off load somewhere. I do not know what to say myself just that addiction is a horrible thing. Sitting here writing this now hearing my son snorting ketamine in his room. The anger and hurt that I feel right now is soul destroying. He works so hard yet is in debt up to his eyeballs. U fortunately they do not see the suffering that they put the family through. They become selfish and the drugs and the gambling is all that matters to them. They lie and they don’t care that they are destroying themselves. I wish there was a solution. It’s sad for the likes of yourself having to worry about your sibling. My other children have mentally detached themselves away from my two sons. Which in a way is good at least they are not suffering like I am. I feel so alone as do many people on here that have written their stories. Hope you find some help out there.

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My husband needs help by

Hi Chelle. So sad reading your story this morning. Addiction is the worst thing a family has to cope with. I am a mother of 4 grown ups and the two youngest have mental health problems with drug addiction and gambling. I am at my wits end. You dare not confide in friends as it’s embarrassing. One son I had to remove from the home eventually he does not work and was rehomed. The other son works hard and is in debt up to his eyeballs and I have to listen to his lies. He was always so sensible. I wont go into depth as too much to say but it’s soul destroying. I try to help but all I do now is scream and shout at him every day. He’s taking ketamine on a daily basis now and he can not even talk properly when he’s on it. I have said I would go to a doctor with him but all he says is he’s not addicted. I have threatened to throw him out like I did his brother and he says he will kill himself if I do. He is not aggressive like my other son was. My husband of 20 years is the step father but he does not share the same grief as I do. He is at work so he does not see what I have to go through in a daily basis. Sorry I am ranting on but today I am at breaking point and just want to off load and found this page. It’s heartbreaking reading some of the things I have read on here. Chelle my heart goes out to you. I wish I had an answer for you to help. But there are no answers. I do know that talking helps for a little while to take some of the burden off your shoulders. And that we are not the only ones suffering. But it never seems to leave us. Sleepless nights stressful days wondering what’s going to happen next. Feel free to reply to me anybody that wants to talk or give me some ideas on what I can do. My heart goes out to everyone of you who is suffering the same as I am.