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Boyfriend with coke addiction in denial by

This was me back in March after 10 years of use. Typical behaviour stuck in a cycle. If he wants to stop he needs to write a plan out. Get active. To do this he needs to go a week without use. Plenty of fruit juice and multi vitamins. The next 10 weeks of his life will be held his behaviour will be erratic. The depression gets worse and anxiety goes through the roof. If he's adamant about doing it you need to get him active and he needs to want to stop. If he has debts with dealers make him pay them but you pass the money over so he doesn't pick anymore up. It's hard to do it really is but the cycle needs breaking. If he can get to 14 days with no use it becomes so easy to do but in all honesty what your telling me he isn't ready to stop yet so you need to make a decision. Only he can help himself no one can drag him out it's all on him.


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Help required please by

Hi I'm on day 75 clean from cole. Not a key a line nothing. I lost everything and that's what it took for me to stop. I'm much happier now as it was toxic in the end anyway. My addiction was triggered and enabled by my ex wife. Not just her fault I made that choice to shove it up my nose. In the past year and half of our marriage the coke took me over. Paranoia. Abusive erratic behaviour mentally. I wore her down. Made her feel like she wasnt good enough and put her down. All she wanted to do was help me because she loved me and I see that now but it's too late. My point is I would of never changed if she didnt do what she did. I cant ever return to her even if I wanted too as it could trigger in my head that way of life again. Cocaine makes people exert alot of erratic and impulsive behaviours and also anger. I've just been on the biggest withdraw of my life but luckily brain feels clear and has returned to what I believe full functionality or near full . When I sit and examine my behaviour what it was like i guess she could call me a narcissist as that was the behaviours I displayed. Something that I have to live with as that is not me st all. I'd suggest cutting contact till he proves he is clean. If you need to get police involved do it. They will help you as you are protecting your children. Mesaage kel1 on here she is excellent with stuff like this and the advice she given me helped me significantly to get clean

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