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Partner 18 days clean from coke by

Hiya, Just wanted to write on here as I come on here quite often reading others stories, I kicked my partner out after 8 years of being together due to hes very big cocaine addiction, I had had enough of the lies, the secrets, the dissapaearing, and him just never being there for me. I had tried everything possible to try and help him, but nothing got through to him and he would continue to disrespect me infront of our son and treat me disgustingly. So when he dissapeared for over a week I decided enough is enough, as I had spend days worried wether he was dead or not as he had started injecting cocaine on a regular. I had my locks changed and bagged all of hes things up and took them to hes mums, I took some time off work to sort my head out, and then one day there was a knock on my door, (this was after about the 8th day of being missing) it was him he was a mess and thought I was going to let him in!! I sent him away to hes mums and said I am done. Moving forward to now he is living at hes mums and he is doing regular CA meetings, some face to face and some via zoom. He is getting alot from these, he has been to see hes doctor and he has put him back on anti depressants to try and get hes moods on a normal level. He has been clean for 18 days. I know it is very early days but it's a start and he is looking in the right direction. I have made it very clear to him that I will never ever tolerate that sort of behaviour or disrespect in my life again. Xx

15 years of addiction & lies by

Hiya I hope your ok.... I know the feeling of the lies & hurt, it becomes normal life in the end to them because that is their only way out of things. My partner used to look up escorts on hes phone ( I would never know wether he actually met one or not) Always stating out never coming home for days, all while I spent most days pretending to everyone that everything was so lovely and we was a perfect family! That is so hard to keep up to everyone because deep down you hate the person that is causing it all and the fact you are lying for them and covering their disgusting habit makes you feel even worse. I had had enough after years and years of the same crap, so the final straw was when he dissapeared for a week, I was an absolute mess I thought he had died as he had no phone and didn't contact. ( he was just completely off hes head with scum) So I decided to have my locks changed and pack all hes things up and told him he had to go. My eyes had been opened I didn't want this life anymore, not sleeping properly, making dinners for the invisible, being lonely, my son not having a decent father in hes life. He knows I have had enough and he is on the road to sorting hes life out, but he has a long way to go, and I have to be tough on him because I never ever ever will put up with that again. I hope you manage to sort things with your husband x


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Any advice by

Exactly children need that structure and stability, not some idiot that only thinks of himself. I did have a little laugh when reading what you said about its so nice to feel relaxed and not have any worries when laying in bed, you can actually sleep, watch TV, eat all without worrying if they are going to cause an argument, or wether they will stroll in at 2am or wether they are dead. It's nice to come home and your house is the exact same as you left it, no piles of washing up, no dirty clothes, curtains open, beds made lol. It's funny how there drug addiction can turn you in to somebody you don't even know, and even your own self starts to lie. It's madness. It's nice not to have to cook dinner and it get thrown away to! Sometimes you just have to be cruel to be kind with addicts, as much as you want to help them, it always gets ignored untill you put your foot down and tell them you are not prepared to put up with it anymore. Because like we have said they choose to go down that path, no one is forcing them to take it or inject it.i understand addiction but when people refuse help then in my eyes they clearly want that life! Xx

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Any advice by

Hello, I hope your ok... I have split with my partner of 7 years due to hes cocaine addiction he also injects. It completely ruined our relationship, for someone that started off as a really nice person soon turnt in to someone I don't even know. I put up with it and made excuses for hes behaviour and tried to hide hes addiction because I was to shamed to tell people. But all this was doing for me was bringing me down day in day out. We have a 5 year old son together and it was so unhealthy for it to go on. He was lacking responsibility he was unstable and he just wasn't being the partner or father that he should have been. He dissapeared last Monday, he then returned on the Wednesday evening came in, ate food, slept asked me to pick up hes last wages as he had lost both hes jobs. And then on the Thursday morning he dissaperead again and havnt seen or spoken since, he also has no phone. I have made the decision today to not have him in mine or my sons life anymore as it just wasn't doing any of us no good. I have packed hes things and taken them to hes mums and I am getting my front door locks changed tonight. Yes I feel sad and I'm sure I will have many sad days, but at the end of it I hope for a better future for me and my son. It is hard to break the cycle but sometimes enough is enough. He wasn't helping me financially or anything , he was basically abusing my kindness and using me and my house like a doss house. Xx

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my husband is an opioid addict. feeling alone & need clarity. by

Hiya, You have done the right thing by coming on here, because it generally does help when your emotions get the better of you. I don't understand the difference in drugs personally all I know is my partner of 7 years is addicted to cocaine and has also done other things but where he is so secretive I would never know. He now injects and dissappears for days and I become an emotional wreck. He has been on a binge all week and I was worried sick and he returned Wednesday eve and then disappeared again Thursday morning. He has lost jobs and I know he will return when the money runs out. But its just the stress and strain they cause when high. Does your husband dissappear? It seems to be with these drug users they all follow the same path, no matter what drug. I'm here for a chat it always helps hope your ok xx

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