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Am I the bad person in all of this? by

Hiya, No you are defo not the bad person in this, don't ever feel that way! Your partner is choosing this life. He is choosing to stay out and get high, he is choosing that over you and he's children. Drug users are selfish and they no how to manipulate situations to help there needs. They play with our emotions and drain any form of happiness and life from us just so that they can get there next fix. I.find coming on here helps me when my emotions get bad. I am going through the exact same as you so don't feel alone. I'm here to chat xx

by Smh1987

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Chezza123 by

It's defo a hard one on your emotions, it definitely is on mine. Well he has disappeared again after getting some money from the firm he works for. Havnt seen him now since Thursday morning about 11am. It's so selfish & how they think its acceptable to just dissappear for days, he hasn't even got a phone at the moment, so I can't even contact him. Not one thought for me or he's son. I'm guessing when the money runs out that's when he will decide to come back. But I have decided enough is enough and he either wants to be part of hes sons life or he doesn't, and if he doesn't I will be packing hes things. It's the sheer embarrasment of having hes work boss come to my house asking where he is. They don't realise how much sh*t they cause they really don't. Well I hope you get things sorted for your own sake I find coming on here helps me alot when I'm going through a tough patch. Xx

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Boyfriends cocaine addiction by

Hiya jadeem, I have just read your story and it is like re writing my own current situation/life. My partner of 7 years has got so out of control, even running about for drug dealers so he can pay back what he owes, he never pays back as he's always getting more, so the debt just builds up. I spend nearly every night on my own its just me and my son. I am awake every hour worrying where he might be, he doesn't answer hes phone or any texts. I'm constantly in tears, but am in same situation as you as cant talk to family friends as they just wouldn't accept it again. I'm here to talk x

Partner needs help from cocaine by

Hiya danman83, I'm ok thanks, just trying to cope another day of hes addiction! I have helped him so much with drug debts, sorting hes car out for him, paying bills.....all whilst paying my own bills and keeping the roof over our heads. He just never makes that extra effort to change,.like the online CA meetings he hasn't even bothered looking in to it. He gives in to cocaine so easily, the last few days of happiness may aswell have just been a waste of time, because in my eyes its all fake. Well done for 2 months clean I literally have so much support for anyone that is giving it there all to change. And your proving its possible. Yeah with the injecting it's just got out of hand he did mention he had someone inject something else in to him but it wasn't herion or crack, but I can't remember what he said it was. Just don't know what else to do, I find talking on here helps me cope.

by Danman83

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Cocaine addiction or is it heroin now? by

Hiya Ronnie boyne Thanks for your reply, I honestly don't know where to.go anymore with him. He has made me hate him so much, just with hes ways. For example the desire for extravagant sex and fantasies!! What's that all about? I cringe when he comes near me as I don't know half the time where he has been. Because he stays out nearly every night in random houses or in hes car. He's hygiene is zero, I just feel sad for my son because he literally loves hes dad to pieces and just hate the fact he does this. My family don't know, they did know at one point but then he came clean for 3 months but if I told them now I think he's life wouldn't be worth living. Hes own family know but they are in the same boat as me, they are disgusted with hes behaviour. It's just sad how there dealers and drug friends become priority and with that I mean TOP priority. He even got to the point where he is running drugs about for them just to get hes next fix. But thanks for the reply sometimes it's nice just to hear other stories and relate. Especially when there drug use is at peak. Xx

by Lindyloo

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My partner is addicted to cocaine by

My family found out last year July, I had had enough and came out with everything, told everyone....he then went on the missing and dint see him for months. He then decided he was going to get clean and go to meetings, I feel that he only really done all this to get me back. I gave him another chance, and for 3 months he was clean, then he slipped up and then kept relapsing if thats what you want to call it. I rent my home and its just my name on everything, I could leave but just don't have it in me for some reason to leave. I don't know whether its where I have become weak from it all or what. Its mainly because I need him for certain aspects of childcare when I work, and he plays on that all the time, so basically because he knows I need him he just does exactly what he wants. Like tonight I've cooked dinner done housework the usual things, have said to him could he collect our son from hes childminders at 5, he agreed this at 4pm, he said he was just going for 1 beer with a work friend. 5oclock comes I receive a text, oh sorry I've lost track of time just finishing my pint could you collect him? I was fuming, and so upset because I knew exactly what was coming....he will be out now for the whole night because he has obviously got it on tick again! Am supposed to be taking my son to see santa at the weekend and I've told him he's not welcome as he ruins everything before it even happens. Thankyou It feels so nice to be able to talk to somebody about it, especially how I'm feeling right at this moment. Xx

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