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my story of 7 years with an addict partner. by

you are right Thelo..about focusing on you, the important thing was to put in the letter what seems certain of the pain of it all. Yes, your physical health first, too. How unpleasant to find out that he does this, even further reinforces your decision to keep him away from you. That after the letter he can understand that he needs to get away from you and live his life, even if he wants to get well, if only because he wants it for himself. With each contact of him, your mind is reactivated unfortunately. That's why I was recommended to block him on my whatsapp, on social networks to delete, because of me, because he doesn't even care about me. I read an article about cocaine addicts, who even looking at where they use the drug, or the utensils they use, remember, already makes them want to use it, see how strong this addiction is. You don't want to go back to him and decide that and don't go back, but it's bad that he always tries to have contact, it's like having the feeling of everything that went wrong upsetting you again. The feeling of disgust I had about him, being able to go out with a prostitute and giving me those illnesses, of them, and he lying, that's what I try to reinforce. I heard that the moment has to come to feel NOTHING, neither what was good, nor what was bad, nor anger or frustration. It will pass as you said. May they disappear from our minds and your lives, because he doesn't want to know about my life.

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Can someone quit Cocaine on their own? by

I stayed for months with a cocaine addict, he made the speech to stop, because it was bad, it doesn't help at work etc, and he even went to a psychiatrist and takes medication, however, it is for secondary gain, for him to adapt his addiction to the routine without so much declared loss. Because there is a moral issue, which they lose in the brain, I read so much about it. They lose their sense of morality, judgment, and security. So, he even said he wanted to stop, but the facial expression was manipulated, they are excellent manipulators. The pleasure is as great as the risk. He thinks it is normal, but as society condemns, he needs to mask it so that the partner and I at the time, we would not find him a vagabond (he dethrones the idea of ​​finding vagabond those who use drugs). But as long as himself, does not realize that he is doing real harm, or does not suffer from an overdose etc. by drinking also with the drug, they will not want to leave. It's just empty talk ...

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Help by

That's was my concern with the guy I met, 5 months with him. They are manipulative, seduce us... I was afraid to get more curious about cocaine..and tell him to use in my house or something... I never saw he using... but I was getting curious about how he gets high with cocaine. They are not good influence at all... cocaine will destroy you, your nose, brain, health, money ...heart. And they have no loyalty, only to cocaine. AND he gave me presents, disease..sexual one. Get out of this soon as you can. You have no kids and once I heard here... run like the wind.

My husband is a cocaine addict by

I have been reading your publication for a long time. I am impacted because you have a long-standing relationship and more tangible and continuous experiences. I was almost 5 months with a cocaine addict, he abuses alcohol too. I met him on the Internet and we engaged something daily and intense. I started to like him too much, and he told me that he had been using cocaine for 5 years, then 7 years, not even he knows right. I think it must be about 10 years of use. He just doesn't sell the things in the house that his parents let him live here, because they give him an allowance, but he's always asking his sister for more. I tried to help, and I saw that with you it is a cycle! he goes to the doctor and takes controlled medications, but he doesn't do therapy and just claims he needs to stop, but it's a lie, right? He gave me an STD and I paid the costs, I charged him and he gave me the money back. I try to make him aware of the risk that other viruses passed through the immune window, and papilloma too. He drank too much one day with a brother, I had never seen him drink, more than 20 bottles, he bit my arm hard and taking him home, I saw on his cell phone, writing to the dealer, that I wasn't going to deliver (because I was with him). He was going to use cocaine after using a lot of alcohol, a very risky reaction to cocaine. It has been 5 days since this happened, and I am also reading your report, to convince me that what you say is real. I never saw him high on cocaine, just beer that night and it was horrible. I didn't see that dynamic of you in it and it shakes me, because it doesn't seem like something that fits him. But it's real, right? because you live with someone like that, it's been a dynamic for years. I believe that for having an allowance, and still not paying the bills, to use more drugs, that he still does not sell, and does not stay on the street.

my daughter is trying to come off cocaine, by

can you explain to me please, how was the use? did you use a line or how many in a night, after buying? and then how you fell after. I'm with a boy who uses it says 7 years, I think even more. I wanted to understand what happens to him when he uses, and after. He was after cocaine this Saturday night after 2 weeks without her. He is taking Amato and Desve, to try to stop, but because the partner bought it, he is fooling himself that he needs to stop. He has access to money, uses an allowance that his father sends and doesn't know anything. His nose makes a bad noise when sleeping, I already warned him, his body has spasms sleeping, he feels very hot, very thirsty, and always tired when at my house. I never saw him using it. One day he slept on the couch, his brain shut down after a week's use, and he didn't opened the company...... Partner fought a lot and he went after a doctor and medicine. Not because he wanted to. He just speak tha he need to stop, ... needs to stop. Make a speech.

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Coke by

I just told the boy that I've known for months, that I have a competitor, and I know I can't fight her, she gives him things that I can't give. But she humiliates him and I don't do that part. How complicated it is to know that they say they want to get out of it, leave it, even taking medicines that the doctor has given to addiction, but I believe that they deceive themselves or she can be so strong that I already know she is. They like it, so they say they want to stop but it's not true. I don't know how far I will take this guy, he went out Saturday night to get drugs, and he had been without coca for almost 2 weeks, and we could be together having a good time. They are really wonderful, loving, kind, and would be even better without it. I think about getting out of it, because I'm already suffering too, and we're not even boyfriends, because he already said that it would hurt me.

The hamster wheel of nightmares. by

Your story completely moved me, I was out of breath in a moment, I opened my mouth in surprise. I know and like a person who uses cocaine, he is very special, caring, loving, extremely polite as I have never met. I don't want it in a situation like this, of the many that I read here. I felt an appreciation for your life, for your strength, your desire to live after all this. You were born again! and you will win this, strength is what I want from my heart. I also wish for strength for this special, extremely docile man, the most polite man I have ever met, this someone who made me feel good about being myself in my home. Too bad that many need pain, suffering to learn, including me, who would like to take this addiction out of you two with your hands. Strength friend, you are a great survivor, I wish you well and be well! PS.I would also kill cocaine if it were a person, I hate it deeply, for stealing so precious people from us.

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I still denying his situation with cocain by

I have read several of you and am anesthetized. I met him 3 months ago, the second time he was at my house, he spoke of the dysfunctional family, alcoholic brother, rich but uncontrolled parents, that his uncles say that him and his brothers' harm was that they had been given everything, spoiled. He said he was trying to quit something, that he had erased the guy's phone, and I asked: I use powder ... cocaine, 5 years now, he has 40. When we slept, I noticed that he has spasms in his arms, legs, head, that he breathes really bad and that he has too much nose and a lot of throat discharge. He is very loving, too polite, he talks too much about himself, the things he knows about me, I wanted to tell.  Whenever we saw each other at my house, I insisted that he go there, I went to his house once when his brother was out, but he introduced me to his brother one day.  He told his mom about me, they are from another city, she said she didn't have faith.  The aunt also saw us together. In these 3 months, several problems at work, because he always tired, forgotten, disorganized.  He gave me sexual disease  (tricho) of some girl who stayed months before, I did and paid for the treatment for both of us, now only with protection. I'm having a lot of patience as he always says. He has only dated 2 women until today and was many years ago, like 10 (I believe that before cocaine), he has no serious relationship till now.  I talked but did not impose, if it is.  He was to a doctor and takes 2 Amato and Desve drugs, but it hasn't been therapy yet.  He did this because a partner bought the medicine because he had no money.  He receives an allowance from his father (he's 40), the family doesn't know anything.  Once driving mad at having offended a woman in a bank, as he is not aggressive, he was scared that the cocaine was changing him, he told me he had been using it for 7 years, not 5 years as before.  He should use it for 10 years even more maybe.  Partner pressed, he went a doctor, but I don't think he wants to, he just says he wants to, but I don't think it's true.  He sleeps too much, doesn't like to go out, tried the walks I suggested.  He already suggested that he will hurt me because it is a strong addiction, and he doesn't want to date, but till now he has acted as a boyfriend and we talked about it.  I have only supported him, but I saw that he becomes very selfish, he just talks about him, he doesn’t lie about what he told me ultil now, I checked everything, the company also, medicines too, I think he just lies about years of use and frequency (twice a week), to deceive himself.  Because if he sits on the couch, he turns off!  And he didn't opened the company one day, slept and they fought a lot with him, so he took the medicine.  He already had that hallucination of insects coming out of his nose and in my house, insects in him.  I warned him of all this.  Apparently now he is using heavy because stress at work, has used lsd, ecstasy, lolo ... and marijuana.  I am afraid of him using crack together, because if he already uses it many days a week and leaves him exhausted and already a little irritated by the initial effect of the medications, crack is cheap helps cocaine effect.  Are they all going to crack?  And in his room there is no TV, just the wires, in the rest of the house there is.  It must have sold for drugs.  And use all the money that his father give... ro cocaine. Because he says there are bill collectors calling him, and cell phone hasn't paid the bill yet!  And he wants to get away from me ... because he wants a commitment to cocaine, he says it is not fair to me because he is always tired, and in sex he makes a huge effort, because I insist.  He will not get out of this right?  And now?  Everyone tells me to walk away from him while there is time.  He does not lie, he is mistaken in the use, but he is polite etc.  Will everyone be aggressive, and liars?  So far I have not seen lies with me, I never saw someone using and how they are during effects and after.  He doesn't have another person because he can't even have one haha.  He has emotional dullness and he already said that he likes the space alone in his house.  Worst phase he must have ever had and he knew me.  I am from the health area, same age.

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