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My husband and cocaine by

Never be ashamed! My goodness, we all pray and try to help our loved ones in hope they will stay clean. Be proud that you have supported him, but also recognise you need to come first now. I tried for 11 years to support my husband with his cocaine addiction. Also convinced myself everytime he crossed a certain time period he was in recovery. Its love! Its hope! Nearly 2 years after losing his wife and children he's still using! I'm relieved I walked away. If you feel that he still has options to explore that will help him stay clean and your still strong enough I wish you luck. It's so hard to walk away, but put you first. Much love x

Marriage ruined over cocaine by

Marcos007 You are on the wrong forum. This is for families and loved ones of addicts. If you need support for guidance for addiction you need to explore other sites. There are plenty. Your making more excuses. Glamourisng drug dealing. Justifying who you deal to infuriates me. So your an upper class dealer! Well done you. What an achievement. Why the hell would you think that's OK. Our loved ones aren't street addicts. They are parts of families. Sons, brothers, sisters, daughters, partners, and parents!!!!! I hope the cartels screw you over and you end up in the worst prison. To boast about working with these people makes me believe you are just a little fish in a big pond. Let's hope you get eaten up. Seriously, you are in need of super help. If you think what you wrote is exceptable please leave and let us each help people that deserve and need it. THE LOVED ONES OF ADDICTS. not dealers.

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New life... old addiction. by

Update..... So I'm still abroad. Working hard. Finding myself and still trying to rebuild myself. My husband and I remain separated. I've lost count of the times he's lapsed, relapsed in the time I posted here. Not seeing his kids due to being under the influence and refusing drug tests is not even enough. I no longer resent him. I just feel pity. His excuses I find a joke. I no longer react. I'm lonely sometimes, but absorb myself in work or kids. We explore this beautiful city, I watch the ocean. I no longer watch my phone, waiting for his sorry texts or an overdose call. I'm not quite ready to socialise in this new world as a single parent. (But I've been alone our entire relationship) I still haven't found the courage to tell my family we are separated or the reasons why. My life is the same in so many ways. I now just don't have the anxiety or heartache. I will never stop hoping for him or loving Him. It's the addict I gave up on. Love to you all still on the roundabout. Xx

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I think my boyfriend is addicted to cocaine by

Hey. Reading your story is just the start, if you chose to stay. You have to focus on you and your baby. Go to your parents, even if it's for a break, some support and for him to have a reality check. My husband is a coke addict... I've been subjected to his addiction for over a decade. He has months of being clean... but always goes back to it. I'm not going to bang on about my experience, feel free to read my post. This is about you! The advice I will give you is addiction is a circle of destruction for the addict and their loved ones. One of you has to break the circle. Cocaine there is no substitute medication for. Its down to the user, their will power and desire to be clean. You can never fix him. Cocaine wins pretty much all the time over family. If you want to support him do it from a distance or be prepared for a roller coaster. There are people who fully recover from coke addiction, but they have to be ready, want it and committed. Good luck xx

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Any advice by

Hi Any advice I have literally just posted. Then saw yours. I really feel for you. I've been dealing with my husbands cocaine addiction for 10 years. Addiction makes the addict selfish. You can not fix him, he has to help himself. You are enabling him, by living his cocaine circle of life. We all do it in hope of recovery, change, success. It's affecting your mental health. It's so hard to let go. I'm still very much stuck in my roundabout! You need to put you first. It's taken 10 years for me to learn this. I've been reading lots of successful cocaine recovery stories from addicts, but not many from affected partners or families. We can both hope. Stay safe xx

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