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4 months clean from cocaine today🌞 by

Dan I read once that - The truth sets you free I was so glad to read in some of your recent posts the real truth you shared about what really goes on in an addicts other life away from home You said - I have to lead an honest life now Because it does not just set you free but also the partners trying to make sense of what’s going and think they are going mad even though their gut instinct is screaming the truth at them So thank you 🙏 Keep moving forward 🍀

Does anyone else feel this way? by

So glad you are feeling better It hasn’t been easy some days I couldn’t get out of bed I now realise out whole relationship was built on lies and I thought we were soul mates I get up now and cherish the freedom and simplicity of life; on an emotional and financial level. Sometimes in the early days we would have to use the food bank because we were so broke (clearing his debt) and secretly he would be spending ‘secret cash’ on crack. I don’t know how he could look me in the eye. You read about everyone’s relationships and hope yours will be the different one; the one who’s addict chooses you over crack but from what I am discovering that’s a real long shot

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