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Boyfriend cheated on me with an escort under the influence of substance by

Your intuition always tells the truth Once trust is broken it’s gone Don’t look for answers you will never ever get the truth The disappearing The turning the phone off Not telling you where they have been Porn/ other women whilst they are high Your head is tangled up because of all the manipulation you need space to find yourself again My ex laughed when I asked him why he lied all the time and he said I’m an addict darling it’s what we do Addicts tell you what you want to hear to enable them and keep you where they need you it takes time and care to heal All storms pass and sometimes they come to clear the path for us x

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Can I just say no? by

Take one day at a time and even if you only sort one problem a day it’s a step forward You will go through a grieving process with many unanswered questions that seem so big now I can honestly say try and let it go because you will never get the truth and it will just stop you moving forward Do whatever you have to to get through and don’t Life is so very short do not waste another today Change is a good thing Don’t be frightened everything has a way of working itself out Be strong x

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New life... old addiction. by

Hello and I am so sad to see that you are still going through so much it breaks my heart I feel every word you are saying I know it’s not easy but I think sometimes we just have to let it go to set ourselves free Even though I did find out quite a lot I know there is so much more that I don’t know and I now realise I don’t want to know because it damages you it changes who you are It takes a long time to heal By staying angry you are still trapped in his manipulation it’s still all about him You will get past this He will not change but will let you take his weight a along as you let him and do not expect any thanks for your efforts - it will just get thrown back in your face and turned against you Having given so much to someone who says they love you but abuses your trust again and again - it destroys you You said a kick in the teeth - I think it’s more like a sledgehammer to your soul You will regain your strength and yourself Just take your time Remember an addict usually attaches themselves to a good person who is a strong anchor Let him go and let yourself live again

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4 months clean from cocaine today🌞 by

Dan I read once that - The truth sets you free I was so glad to read in some of your recent posts the real truth you shared about what really goes on in an addicts other life away from home You said - I have to lead an honest life now Because it does not just set you free but also the partners trying to make sense of what’s going and think they are going mad even though their gut instinct is screaming the truth at them So thank you 🙏 Keep moving forward 🍀

by SW2630

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