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Boyfriend with cocaine addiction by

Hi my husband has a bad problem with coke. I think it’s amazing how you have tried to stop. He has little interest only when he feels ill afterwards. I have beeb supportive in the the past but am sick of how lonely my life has become with him. Either off his head or sleeping. I wonder if your app might help? He won’t do anything to help himself & ive told him I’m waiting until he is really ill as nothing else seems to scare him. How did you start to help yourself?

Leaving my cocaine addict boyfriend by

My husband is an alcoholic and coke addict. We started sober October together to help him. He’s already started again. Became irritable, walked out & on it all again. I don’t know what to do. From the discussions on this forum it seems impossible to change them. As you all say the coke comes first. Sometimes I feel I have the strength to deal with it but not the strength to tell him to get out. He’s ruining my life. I’ve just found out he’s stolen £400 from my bank & spent it on drugs. It’s all so selfish, I feel the same as everyone here worn out & unable to even cry anymore.

My husband is a cocaine addict by

It’s only been a couple of days he’s been clean. I’m not kidding myself this is it. Reading everyone’s stories I know the road ahead is a rocky one. The longest he’s been clean is when we travelled Australia for a month- only because he couldn’t get anything. I think all of you are brave and if you need to cry holly it’s ok. I’m sure we have all done this. It’s always someone else’s fault they don’t take ownership. It’s weird as I don’t know any of you but I can tell you how hurt, degraded I’ve been made to feel. No one else knows. It was the final straw last week when he dropped me off home after a couple of hrs together. He then went to score and sent me a picture of him and his idiot coke mates in the pub all laughing. He told them what he had done. I’ve been called frigid- who wants someone pissed and drunk? In the past apparently I’m his trigger, the one nagging. I am trying to be strong and I all of you are. People do give up but it’s who they hurt on the way. I am determined now not to be dragged down by it all. Hollybush call the citizens advice bureau they will be able to help you re debt, rent and any other issues. For 20 years I worked in a job which worked with their department. Small steps will help address issues which you do have some control with. I am so sorry that you feel so desperate, I really do know what it is like. A big hug and I’m still here for you too xx

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