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Well I left to a different city but have been reading a lot about the addiction and feel deep In myself that I need to help. When I talk to him he says he is not addicted but he was doing it for two years when I found out, thats almost a year ago. He also drinks a lot... and was smoking a lot of weed when I met him, he said he was stoping weed but then I notice the drinking being very usual, like every day at least one drink and the coke.... I feel.stupid I never noticed anything and so now I really dont know if to believe or not that he has stopped. He warned me not to talk to his parents, and so I left... but my soul its wrecked between leaving him because of all the insults he has said to me... or that I should have seen it as a disease and blame it on the drug and be there for matter what. Idk what to do

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