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Genuine drug problem? by

Ya know what it is I think we are all fucking stupid for putting up with it they are all the same and can’t admit or get help, don’t stick around get out of it. If you arnt enough reason to stop like I wasn’t (I’ve even got a baby on the way and it still isn’t enough) just leave him. If they’re happy doing it then let them crack on. I know I’ll never trust him to go out and not take it and you’ll be the same for the rest of you life x

My last chance with coke or i lose my family. by

He says he hasn’t got a problem it’s coz it’s there in front of him - it’s not true at all because he goes out of his way to go and get it. With him working away is also a compulsive liar and lies about what days he comes home as well so it’s like I can’t even keep track on if he has stopped or not. I’ve told him to go and get help but I don’t think he will he just says he will. I’ve even told his dad who doesn’t really belive me lol and has basically just said he will fall out with him if it’s true so not much support going on there from the person I thought could at least help ????????‍♀️ It’s a crap situation! How does having a beer make you want it more ? I dread him going out for beers because it always means beers and coke. I’ve been brought up to be anti- drugs and I just don’t get how you can risk your life for a good time like that - he says I’m being over the top when I say that and it’s iusy a little buzz but really it’s possible