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Cocaine addiction Husband v Wife by

It seems like the lovely life they have had is not as good as the cocaine they put up their nose. We cannot compete. No amount of talking and threatening to leave will make a difference. They will lie and manipulate to get hold of that coke. I've never seen my 'husband' angry in my presence before the coke took hold of his personality. I used to look forward to seeing my 'husband' return from work and used to live for the weekends. After, believe me I dreaded every moment. I was unhappy, anxious, not eating and working all week too. But they don't care anymore. Only about their next line. I have started looking after myself now physically and mentally because I am of no use being a pathetic mess. I need to respect myself. I hope life becomes easier for you. Stay strong.

by Hox 26

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My husband and cocaine by

Hi Georgia. I'm glad your partner is on the right road and continues to get himself right. Staying positive without being naive is the right way to go about it. You are a good 'un supporting him through all of this and the added stresses it brings with it. There is always seems to be reason for abusing the coke. Stress in their lives so self medicating. 'Husband' did it to forget his up coming (at the time) court case so I can understand. Luckily I don't have to mix in those 'recreational' circles now with 'husband' inside and out of harms way. But I am left to pick up the pieces of this shattered life all because of his bad choices.

by Smile1

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Husband relapsed by

It does knock the wind out of your sails, like you say there is no preparing. Nothing is normal what they do anymore. Selfish is an understatement. You are right about it being inexcusable leaving the children and are spot on about them getting worse if there are no consequences to their actions. Their addiction can become their excuse for everything they do. I have been depressed for fourteen months and I tortured myself not going to the docs. I was anxious and deflated, not sleeping and I developed bruxism too. I couldn't take it anymore i'm now on anti depressants and am going to CBT and am feeling more level if you know what I mean. The tablets numb me. I have to go to work too to keep everything going. It has been a struggle and we haven't got kids. We bother because we loved the person they were before the addiction took a hold of them. Before sniffing coke my 'husband' didn't flinch at anything that life threw at us. Now he runs away. I don't know how you can build yourself up after this as I'm still trying myself. I wish I had a magic wand to take all our misery away I really do. I'm trying to deal with being on my own too after all these years.

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When do you say enough by

For fourteen years I had an exciting life. We both worked, had a nice home. Have dogs. Had dinner parties on occasions for family and close friends. Went out to restaurants. Wanted a family. Had holidays, everything was an adventure and I loved my life. Husband did too before he decided to get in with the wrong crowd and ended up being arrested. This in turn turned him to drink more and take cocaine every time he went out with friends. When you say 'you understand that isn't all there is to life'....... I think you are wrong, that is a normal life doing all the nice things you have mentioned. Only you will know when enough is enough.

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My partner has just told me he’s addicted to cocaine and can’t stop!!! by

You are not alone there are a lot of us on here worrying about our other halves cocaine addiction. Problem is there is nothing you can do unless he wants help. At least he has admitted he is addicted. Ask, don't be afraid. Tell him you are there to help. Look at our 'stories' on here it will give you an insight of what is to come if nothing is done about it. Don't sweep this chance under the carpet.

by Ash2013

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Lapsed on cocaine on the 4th week without again. by

No not chocolate. It was because I was overweight. It was cheap because it was a group session. I struggle because when I met my husband I was a size eight to ten. I went up to size sixteen, i might not have looked that weight for my height but I was. I blame my mother in law for feeding me up lol because I looked so pale and ill compared to my husband. Well I wanted to be hypnotised to stop eating bread its my downfall but most had a problem with chocolate so we opted for that. No excitement lol. But it worked on me and yes I'm back to a healthy weight. Being able to be hypnotised is not a one session thing. I fought against it and was the last in the class to be able to be put under.

by Danman83

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