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To support or walk away? by

Whilst you and everyone else has cleaned up and moved on he has stayed on this path. He now has the best of both worlds cocaine and yourself. But now you feel you have to support him with his recovery. You can't. Only he can get himself clean and until he does you will have no life with him.He has a better life, cocaine and you. You cannot have a lovely life with cocaine and him. If he wanted to commit to recovery and you would he not have done this already. There is no excuse for taking it, they take it when they are happy, take it when they feel depressed. There is always some excuse. It is something that you have to decide for yourself I'm afraid.

by Mo229

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I'm done by

It's great to see you focused on your wellbeing Dfh. We have gone through a lot and I now feel a hell of a lot stronger in myself. Same as you, I have had to cope on my own on one wage for over two years now. It is surprising what you can do. I thought I couldn't do it by myself and I totally lost it, but I can. It is frightening in the beginning but two years down the line I cannot keep worrying. I take things now as a challenge because like you say we are strong we have had to deal with so much. You are right, look after yourself, love and respect yourself. xx

by Zaitsev

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Partner is a cocaine addict, I don’t know what to do. by

I've been through all of this and I'm now two years down the line. I had to get into my head that the person I loved was no longer there. Cocaine turned him into a monster and that is the way he has remained. In fact he now tries to manipulate me even more. It's not going to happen though. I've got my self respect back. I'm no longer going to look pathetic in his eyes. I'm a strong woman, strong enough to say that's it, you made your choice. Keep well.

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