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My addiction has caused my wife’s depression by

I don't think leaving would help matters. It would seem like you are running away from your responsibilities and they are toward your wife and child and of course yourself. I'm in the same boat. I go to work and break down crying. No one knows what I'm going through. Just that I'm not the happy person I used to be. The people at work would not believe me if I told them as they knew how close my husband and I were, so I put on a mask and hide as much as possible. Hoping life will get better. I do the same to our mutual friends and family, mask on and excuses made. Help yourself, you need to succeed then your wife will not be anxious and hopefully return to near normal. I'm saying this because if my husband came in now, gave me a hug and started to behave how he used to toward me I could start healing myself. I know I could never be the same person he married but I would be happy if I could become half the person I used to be. I'm tired, exhausted and so unhappy. The damage has been done so far but it is worth trying to get some more treasured memories.

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Anxiety over partners addiction by

I wish my husband was the man I married. He could say no to the drink and cocaine at not bother with it. He never craved going out and I was never worried or anxious when he did. I always knew he'd be back and would look after the others that were using and drinking making sure they got home. Now over the last six to seven months I'm always anxious. When he goes out, when he stays in, when I go to work, when I leave the house and go to the shop. I can't support my husband because he genuinely feels he hasn't got a problem. If he did I would be there to support him through thick and thin. His cousin is on the coke all day and everyday. He talks about him saying he doesn't know why he does it. But he does more than enough o be considered an addict himself. We wanted a family but it's probably best now that we couldn't. I'm anxious now, but imagine if we had had children. It's bad enough the way he treats me. I go from loving him to hating him for what he's doing to us.

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Genuine drug problem? by

Yes it's a genuine drug problem. My husband is the same now, (for the last six months) going out all hours drinking and when he has a drink he has cocaine. He doesn't do it without the drink. Three times he goes out per week and comes back the following day in a state. I feel the friends he associates with are a cause of the problem, then the alcohol and finally the cocaine. But at the end of the day my husband can say no to going out. No to the drink and no to the cocaine. He used to.

Am I over-reacting to recreational coke use? by

I get angry too. No children are involved, we wanted them but its too late now. I try not to take on too much of his responsibilities but some things he refuses to do. I call a friend nearly every night and she really helps me to cope. Because of the anxiety I can only go to work, my mums and the local shop. I keep away from people as I don't want to keep making excuses as to why he's not about, I tell them he's busy at work. I suppose we really don't know the implications until we are faced with it ourselves. It is so sad for all involved.

My son is in denial,I am new to this, just need to talk to someone. by

I understand. My husband doesn't realise he has a problem. Four days off three on the cocaine and alcohol. He has a constant runny and sore nose, saying he has a cold or flu. He also says he's tired but like your son he isn't depressed or anxious. He is suffering from stress. I am heart broken and also so angry with him for ruining our lives. I haven't slept properly for six months. At the beginning all sorts of things were going through my mind like ending it all as I couldn't face what he was doing. I also thought of taking all of my anti depressants so I fully understand your pain. I also realise now that I cannot make him stop but I have to be here if he ever needs me.

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Cocaine Abuse - need a someone to chat with by

My husband is the same. He has a totally different personality. A loving, family man has now turned into a....... " I'm a big boy, It's my life and I can do what I want" After years of not being tempted to abuse cocaine even in the company of friends that are regular users, he is now doing so. With the addition of alcohol. My life has been in turmoil for seven months and its heart breaking for me. I share my problems with a few close friends but I feel so isolated. Family do not know.

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