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Cocaine and alcohol forgetfulness by

I think you know by now positivity is a no show. You have to smirk. It's all negative these days. I'm just trying to understand. There is some bad shit going on with people around you Danny makes you think about its affect on you and those children that will be left. Heartbreaking. When he was clean believe me he could remember everything, in fact he remembered everything up till seven months ago. It seems to be the last four years he is having a problem with. Well not him, me. Looking back that's when he started getting 'coke friends' around him. Even helping with the house on occasion. He didn't go out much but it looks like this is the time he got a bit of a taste for the coke, but says he hid it from me and it didn't have any effect. Then last year about this time he's upping the dosage from two a year to four or five a night when going out. Depending on the lie or the 'showing off' I'm really not sure, not that it makes a difference as in my opinion he's still addicted to the stuff. He is 38 and over the last seven months has been smoking heavily. He doesn't do cannabis. I think this staying in and the no smoking is a cover up for the coke that I told him he'd chosen over his wife on Thursday night. I'm not being so gullible nowadays and trying to gain knowledge from folk that know the score.

Lonely in my home by

I'm the wife of a cocaine and alcohol abuser. I feel alone too. How can anyone understand what we are going through if they haven't been through it themselves. Before this I would never have thought this could happen to anyone. I was naive. Mine is fourteen years with no children. No intimacy and he has no emotions left. My husband says he hasn't got a problem, I suppose he hasn't really because he is ok in his coke addled brain. Exhausted here, sorry to be of no use. Just to let you know you are now not alone.

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