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Thank you. It's been hard now for fourteen months. The comedown is not good but the feeling after taking it must be worth it or I wouldn't be in this position. It is now a social thing to do, having a drink and sniffing a line, or two, or three depending on if you are out all night with your mates. All my husbands mates do it and their other halves. It's the norm so it's like asking someone if they want a drink, do you want a line? i really do hope that he has only tried it twice and will never be tempted again. My 'husband' swore on his dads life that he hadn't had any for four years, but a cousin confirmed he was taking it regularly and was shocked at all the lies he is now telling folk. Something he had never been known for before.

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Boyfriend's cocaine addiction. by

I too thought my 'husbands' cocaine use was recreational. As you say everyone does it now. (except for a few of us) Before this it was once, twice a year max. It only, in my opinion takes a stressful situation like my 'husbands' trial for him to take it to the extreme. Drinking to excess, sniffing and making himself really ill. It made him feel depressed which he certainly had never been before, he was such a happy contented bloke. Always smiling. No more though, his choosing to use coke and this causing paranoia have ruined our happy lives. I'm now left to cope. Your boyfriend has to want to stop himself, only he can do this. You really need to take care of yourself through your pregnancy without the stress because it will make you ill. Hopefully he will come to his senses and all can be made well. Until he does look after yourself.

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I honestly don't know what to say that I haven't said before. As soon as you start abusing cocaine it's a relationship/family breaker. I am in the same situation, as are many others on here. Husbands sniffing coke for one reason or another, usually an upset in their lives as I see it. The only way you can support him is when he reaches out and accepts he has an addiction. No amount of talking, begging or reasoning will get through to him, cocaine will win in most situations. Try to look after yourself and your babies wellbeing firstly. You can do no other as the cocaine is looking after him. Keep strong and I hope the drugs worker can help. You will get support on here I wish you well.


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My sister is an alcoholic. She was drinking every day and had a violent temper. After years of physical and mental abuse her husband had had enough. He was mentally drained. He told her to leave. She lost her husband, her son, her home, pets, in fact her whole life . This was the turning point. After me forcing her to go to AA she realised she is in fact an alcoholic. After abstaining she has realised she can function perfectly without a drink inside her, feels much better in herself and doesn't lash out verbally and physically anymore. She has now got back to her family. Without her husband doing this she would have carried on and he would not have had her back. She has had a couple of relapses but still seems to be doing well. AA Meetings are the key to her succeeding, she knows this and if she misses one she relapses. Her husband doesn't enable her by buying her drinks though. She used to sneak out, buy it and hide it. Her son didn't think his mum drinking was ok. He hated seeing his mum in a state and causing arguments and fighting. You need to start looking after yourself.

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