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Worried about him.... e’s coke, overweight, 50 by

You are not being dramatic. I used to be worried about my 'husbands' alcohol and cocaine binges. I actually though one day he would die whilst coming down. He'd come home high and smelling of drink. he would try to sleep it off then he'd start with the sneezing, the nosebleeds, the vomiting blood, constant headaches and aching bones. He used to say he had flu but you couldn't have flu for ten months or so. The only thing is he wasn't bothered about his own health.

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Feeling Angry, resentful, guilty , stressed and sad by

I can understand fully all the emotions you are going through. Cocaine can ruin lives. My 'husband' used to sniff the dreaded stuff staying out all hours and coming home drunk and high. The following day was wasted. You made me smile about the food shopping. I hate food shopping but 'husband' always made it fun. In fact everything was fun before. Now I feel anger like I've never known it. I could easily smash the house up. No word of a lie. I'm stressed, agitated and anxious all of the time. It has become a sad and lonely life. I too hate seeing people enjoying their lives because we used to have a happy life. Now I resent 'husband' I thought I was cried out but over the last few days I've been wobbling. You are not alone, I know exactly how you are feeling.

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Cocaine addiction Husband v Wife by

Hi Goose. This forum is where to turn. It does help if you want it to. It has helped me when I thought I was the only one that had a husband that reacted this way to taking cocaine. Everyone else was having a good time in his circle of friends and didn't seem to have the problems with the come downs that he was experiencing. You say that in the week when you have come down 'that's it no more' can I ask why you say you want no more?

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