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What’s next? by

My 'husband' was the same. 'Husband' only sniffed when he was with family that partake or with his friends that he too said are like family. But they are only 'coke friends/family' not normal, real friends. My husband had a real life before he was introduced to these people. You sound so much like him, like he couldn't not be with these people. You have to separate yourself from these friends if you want to stop. You can still have a social life without them as you said you can drink when you are abroad on holiday. It is a difficult choice, your health or your life with your friends. I've seen it, I have been there. I wish you well.

Husband cocaine addict by

I am in the same position as are many of us on here. This is a condensed version of my story on here. Happily married to my soul mate for fourteen years. He occasionally sniffed cocaine, a few times a year recreationally at a push. Then came his court case which eventually he couldn't cope with. So he went out and got drunk and was on the coke regularly. By this I mean three times a week. This changed him into a person I don't recognise anymore, a monster. He didn't think he had a problem. Then again he didn't, I did with his sniffing. 'Husband' is now in prison. I've now found out he had not been going to work and had taken every penny out of his business account and had debt with credit cards. Looks like he has upped the sniffing or rubbing to daily. I have been waiting for my lovely husband to return for eleven months now but cocaine changes a person. It has also changed me and I don't partake. I'm still suffering anxiety and I feel sick every morning when waking. I have constant panic attacks. Nothing will change until he realises he has a problem and wants to do something about it. No amount of begging or talking to him will make a difference, don't waste your breath. Until he does, try to take care of yourself. Take care of your business without him and split your finances. It's not being horrible it's being careful. When he comes to his senses you will still have a roof over your heads and a business. I wish you both well.


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