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Alcoholic husband in denial by

My sister is an alcoholic. She used to tell me that her husband was abusive and controlling and thats why she would drink. I now know that it was the other way round since she started her antics with me. She is manipulative, controlling and abusive when under the influence. Luckily for us she now goes to AA and a drink hasn't passed her lips for weeks now. We live in hope and it has been a tough time for us. I wish you well.

Heavy binge drinker by

My sister is an alcoholic. She used to drink all day, every day. Like I would drink cups of tea. If she decided to top up the eighteen cans with whisky or worse raki that's where the trouble would start. She was pure evil with her tongue the things she would say were so hurtful. This was to me, my other sister and her own husband. She would turn on friends too. Afterward she would have no recollection of what she had said or done and would be mortified when confronted. I have mental and physical scars. If your other half binge drinks on occasion this could be sorted if she loves you and doesn't want to hurt you just by cutting down, so the episodes don't happen. Easily said though. She can only do this herself no one can help if she doesn't want or feel the need of it.

Mother of six-month-old hiding booze by

You are not misreading the situation and you are not being unreasonable. You want the best for your wife and boy. My sister (k) has always had a problem with drink. Hiding bottles and drinking whisky out of a cup. She was always drunk, abusive and violent toward her husband and myself. To cut it short her husband had had enough. Told her to leave the marital home and her son. Having nothing left she turned it round with help from my sister (l) and myself. Got her to an AA meeting and she immediately knew she was an alcoholic, not someone with a drink problem but an alcoholic. She goes to one meeting a week now and gets support from there. It is working. She is back at home now and so far it is looking good.