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Husband addicted to cocaine by

You do really need to speak to your husband calmly about his addiction and how it is affecting you and your children. Let him know what you have told us on here about how you feel and how you have felt like leaving out of desperation. Be honest with him and yourself. Can it get any worse if you do? Hopefully he will realise what he is putting you through and will seek help for his addiction. But like Danman says you have to want it and cut all ties with your cocaine triggers being it friends, family and alcohol. I wish you all well.


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Help or hindering?? by

I agree with DNAnon, sounds like he is using with his erratic behaviour and confidence. I only had to check the pockets of jeans, trousers and jogging bottoms before putting them in the washing machine, to find little plastic packets. Sometimes with coke in and sometimes ones that had been used. Don't forget to check the tiny pocket in his jeans, it's the ideal size for a bag. Even if your boyfriend thinks you are being negative you are only doing it because you care but this will put a stain on your relationship as you are onto him and he is trying to hide the fact.


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Alcoholic BF behaviour is this abusive? by

It is the behaviour of an alcoholic. My sister is the same abusive and violent when she is under the influence of drink. But this is the majority of the time. It has been hard to handle over the years and her husband has taken the brunt of it. She cannot remember some of the things she says and does. Nothing changes until they realise they are an alcoholic and want to do everything not just something about it. Take care of yourself.

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