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Husband using cocaine, need advice by

Hi plainjane. I was also new to this forum a few months ago and it has been huge support to me speaking to other people who understand as i was in the same situation as you and couldn't speak to any friends or family. I was at a point where i didn't know where to turn. I have children myself and knew very little about drugs before things unfolded. I knew my partner had taken cocaine socially, but i thought it was all in the past and he promised me he was clean. I told him then how i felt about it. Anyway fast forward a few months and its ruined everything. He was actually an addict and has been for 16 years, i had no idea for which i feel absolutely stupid for. I ignore my instincts. He too would complain about hayfever, even got medication from dr for it. The drug turns them into very clever liars. Hes now very honest and open with me but has lost everything, i made him move out. I really hope you put yourself and your children first in such a difficult situation for you all, because im afraid when they are using it doesnt seem to get better only worse. Take care

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Cocaine and relationships by

Im sorry to hear this drug is affecting your family too. I asked my partner to leave as i knew if he stayed it would have enabled him to continue this lifestyle. I can relate to you and many will on the lies and betrayal thats a huge part of it. My partner lied about anything and everything when he was using, but as a person he is honest and kind. If your partner isnt admitting anything it doesnt sound like hes ready to do anything about it? Which must be frustrating for you.

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Cocaine - really is the road to ruin by

Hi louise, I first found out before xmas last year and at this point had no idea how bad it was. He went to therapy a few times, went to drs and was on antidepressants and seemed to do well for a bit. Recently found out he managed a month and hes battled with this for 16 years!!! He was back on it in feb and apparently addicted more than ever before, using most days and using alot. Which explained everything i had been ignoring, even when id asked him he lied and lied. Last friday i had to kick him out of the family home which has killed me. Im heartbroken but hes never going to do anything about this, unless he realises. Anyway just before he went he admitted everything and spoke honestly about it all. And has since told me how sorry he is and cant believe how he has treated me. Hes so upset with himself. I just hope he can do it this time its robbed his whole life. X

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Coke addict ex by

Iv had to do this. Hes making me think its me. When in reality he's obviously been an addict for 16 years. Hes got 3 children 2 he sees every 6 week or so and 1 he doesnt see at all. Doesnt pay any maintenance and then has nerve to comment on my parenting and spend his days in bed while my kids watch it. When his daughters mum left him in 2012 he tried to commit suicide and very nearly died. He has been at very low points before and it's obviously not enough to stop him because it was only last November he was going out to his van on my drive doing a line of coke then coming back into the house. Its wrecked his life

Partners cocaine addiction by

I feel exactly the same. Its completely not normal to miss work because you cant get up, and spend weekends just slobbing about. His behaviour is selfish. He too has also seen my sobbinh my heart out and just said why are you even crying. Hes so heartless now. Before he would have got upset if i was upset. He was also my best friend. I miss what we had and what we had to look forward too. Hes ruined all that. And i hate him for it and im resentful

Cocaine by

Im exactly the same. He used to be a caring person and always making people laugh, thats the things i love about him but they aren't there anymore. He has also told so many lies, about allsorts usually money. Its so upsetting and frustrating. My partner is also on antidepressants since xmas and they have helped him a little. I dont think he is still using buy who knows i cant 100% trust him now. He says horrible things, things that i didnt think he could ever say. Do yoi find this too?

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