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Cocaine addiction one month sober by

Hello! So its day 3 clean again. I fell good today and i am motivated for starting again. I forgive myself and i will go further i delete all numbers and contact from.... I will update weekly how my jurney going. I am just really scared of withdrawal symptoms again i knoe how horrible it was. Paranoia and not seeing any light in life is something that put me down the most. Hope i will be okay. Thank you again bye bye

Relapsed. by

Hello danman83 I wrote this posts a bit early: Hello everyone! I am 21yr from slovenia europe. I use cocaine for past 4 years every weekend and in big amounts usualy from friday night till sunday morning and then was not able to sleep for whole day so getting sleep just on saturday was something regular to me. I am now one month clean and its hell i have really bad depression and suicide thoughts i really dont know how to go further in my life. I want to ask people who go thrue same situation- when will i feell better? It really can take one year before i get my feelings and emotion back? I fell so bad i can not describe. I do not crave cocaine just dont see any light in my life its just emptines. Thanks for your help and support. And someone comment that i should read your posts- that you are someone battling same stuff than i do. I have just a question for you about cocaine withdrawal- hoe long will i feel so damn bad? I really dont have any motivation for further life really. Thank you for your answear!! Jaz

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