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Partner smoking cannabis by

I used to smoke weed as a teenager. I loved the stuff. Could never see me stopping. But I hated it by the end. Smoking it at home alone caused me massive paranoia and guilt. It made me useless and I just wanted to sleep as soon as I had done it. I went to Amsterdam and passed out in a coffee shop I was that high. It put me off for life. I got with a girl and still smoked. But then one day I stopped. Just like that. I had the odd drag now and again but on the whole I probably haven’t bought weed in over ten years. Then I quit smoking one day when I woke up and just decided to stop. However. I have always drank and dabbled in cocaine. I cannot shake either of those habits... so I’m guess I’m saying weed is a fairly easy habit to kick, but if he has an addictive personality such as me, he will just replace it. I have a friend who sounds exactly like ur bf. He has smoked weed for 15-16 years everyday. And wants to stop for his gf and start a family. He can’t do it. She tolerates it but secretly hates it. I’m not sure what problems it cause though. Weed is near enough a legal drug. But I can’t imagine everyone taking it up as readily as alcohol if it becomes legal. Why don’t u like it? Because it is an illegal substance? Or because if how it makes him behave? Or something else?

I just lost my brother by

Two of my friends lost their dads through alcoholism. Both of them love/loved to drink. One of them went to rehab three years ago abs been sober since. The other one seems to have a bit of control over it, but he definitely drinks most nights in excess My point is addiction is hereditary. Usually it runs in the family. My mum is an non confessed alcoholic, me I Abuse substances and drink and am starting to seek help through these forums. I lie to my loved ones all the time, but the addiction is much stronger than my love for anyone. I can’t really explain it...She is diagnosed with anxiety and takes medication. I should do the same but am too proud to admit I need it. The irony is my pretty normal gf takes meds for anxiety and I’m not sure why. My point I guess I if u need help, go get it. It is a disease. We’re powerless against addiction.