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You don't take drugs, the drugs take you ... by

Hi Fearny I really understand your pain I have constant knot in my stomach and am too on edge of cracking , I often feel like just just leaving my house and disappearing I had abuse yesterday cause I dared to ask where he was going and who he was meeting as knew he was going out on one ! I have nothing but debt and arrears and he spends every penny on his addictions I look at him when he is screaming and swearing at me and think what hell have I created i love him but hate him sounds terrible but true

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I feel so sad.. by

Hi , how you doing ? Hope your ok , I am ok same old situation with my son , lockdown was hell ! You would of thought no drugs would of been available! But drug dealers seemed to be exempt from all the rules !! But unfortunately shops still sold alcohol which is my son's favourite vice at moment been horrendous couple months had police involved just gets worse total self destruct he looks like down and out it's heartbreaking but only he can help himself and don't think he ever will I just can't see things ever changing it's 8 years now of drugs and alcohol . Anyway what's your situation now ?

Lost husband to alcohol by

Hi I am so sorry for the loss of your husband , this site is an amazing support and I hope it gives you little bit of help to get through this terrible time . I have a son with addiction problems , drink and drugs and I find this site helps, I also lost my husband to alcohol and drugs so feel your pain myn was over 20 years ago but know exactly how dark things are when you first lose the person you love especially horrific when it's substance abuse , just wish to God I had this site back then , wishing you all the best and try stay strong x

Lockdown is hell by

It's heartbreaking when you love someone and they do this to you as you cannot understand how if someone truely loves you that they would put you through this , but unfortunately it's the power of alcohol and drugs ! Makes people lie , steal and manipulate. I think maybe this lockdown has made alot of people myself included really reavaluate their lives and future. I know that after all this is over I am going to make serious changes I will not have another 7 years of living like this and I hope you find the strength to do the same . Must be terrible not being able to be with your mum when you need that love support and understanding that a mother gives but your not alone and there are links on this website where you can talk to people who can help but understand thats not for everyone , I hope you have ok few days

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New to this devastation. My son and cocaine by

Thanks Paula , yeah my son has lost his proper mates now has these friends that are in same situation as him and are all a mess themselves ! His sisters and brother are ashamed as they here stuff about him from people who see him out and about and are mortified , he looks a state and does awful things always trying to borrow money off people I understand how they feel . My son does bad stuff then feels bad and is full of promises that he’s gonna change his life but it only ever lasts few days don’t know what the answer is it’s down to him to do it and it frustrates me so much as I believe the sorry s and promises every time I have even had times where I consider just moving away myself but obviously wouldn’t and couldn’t anyway , god it’s a nightmare

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5 weeks clean from coke today and thanks by

Hi georgia feel sad that you have to live with the worry that your boyfriend will do it again I try to believe people can change and to give people second chance but when it’s the twentieth time you begin to lose your trust in people as a mum you can’t give up but not sure I’d do same if it was a partner just glad you haven’t kids yet as it would be too much to deal with hopefully this will be it your boyfriend will stay off it and there are hundreds of people who can just do coke once a month on a night out and be fine apparently! It’s part of a night out on town for so many people but for those who can’t its horrendous the consequences are life changing I do believe it’s some people are just addictive people my son being one of them . Just keep talking on here no one to judge you or make you feel bad , I am thinking of my own sanity now I have to good luck I hope your have stress free nice weekend


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