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Thank you for all your answers. I would have updated you much earlier but for some reason i couldn't log in. Anyway back to my situation, so yes he lives at home with his parents and yes they do know about the alcohol and weed but not about the cocaine abuse at all. They also support him with money which i don't understand as they have seen the state of him and how aggressive he can get. I am being very strong and haven't seen him now in 10 days, it is so hard for me because i do miss him so much. What is wrong with me though? How can i miss somebody who did all this to me and also does all this to himself when he can clearly see how bad he became?! I feel like i need therapy soon as i can't eat, sleep, or function properly. I have spoken to his parents a few times but they seem very ignorant when it comes to admit that their own son is an alcoholic. I'd love to tell them about how much gear he takes but i am worried they won't believe me plus he would just go mental again. So yes staying away and ignoring his texts and phone calls is the smartest thing to do i know but like i said i love and miss him so much. I just hope he wakes up one day and is ready to get some help, i'd be the first who would support him until then i just try to stay strong and live my life. Also yes i have been told before that he actually raped me but i always thought it's my own fault even though i said NO i should have just been stronger so i let him get away with it. I don't know, i try to clear my head and go from there. Thanks for reading my story by the way x

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