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I had no idea my boyfriend was a cocaine addict by

Sorry to hear about what you are going through - the ripple effects of addiction. The fact of the matter is that addicts are selfish, self-centrered individuals, and liars, cheats and thieves too when in active addiction. I know; I am an addict - but now a very grateful recovering one, 8 years clean. My advice to you is that your boyfriend has to want to be clean and free from drugs himself. You can't save him. In addition you need to set boundaries with him as each time you rescue him you are enabling him. Leave him to protect yourself. Yes he may come back crying, making promises; but really it's for himself he would be crying and not for you. When he uses, he may be taking or putting you at risk as hes not in possession of his faculties. One thing that certainly made me jack up and seriously embark on a journey of recovery was the threat of my partner leaving me. Yes it's co-dependent behaviour but it kickstarted my recovery. I go to narcortics anonymous (NA) and it has served me very well for my recovery. There are meetings everywhere across the country. You can google this program.