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Nicola, no not really any aches, I’m 4 weeks free, my only lingering effects are sleep problems, although they are getting better, I’ve tried the herbal stuff, Epsom salts and lavender baths. I feel slightly anxious but it passes, my energy is still hit an miss, but I’m 57yr old menopausal woman, so hey our pesky hormones rule our lives... if we let them I can promise you both t is all totally worth the crap we feel, it’s short lived in the grand scheme of things, we are strong, we really are, and keep on having a talk to yourself, you can do it , one day at a time even , say mornings then afternoons, then nights, I didn’t sleep for 3 weeks, an thought I’d never start to improve, but I guarantee things do start to improve, and keep thinking about the future and visualise the new you, smile and be proud. I still tell myself how well I’ve done, an I’m never going to put my mind or body thru this ever again Please stay strong x

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Oh Sophie sweetheart, yes it’s totally crap, but some withdrawals are harder than others, take Imodium for your bowels, take s good multivitamin, drink plenty of water/ coconut water to rehydrate, take cold /flu abs for aches and pains, but not any with caffeine at night. Think very hard if you can do cold turkey or taper, I tapered over about 5 weeks, but once I took my last tablet , the next day I started the detox. Yes it’s hard, but tell yourself you’re going to get a bad dose of flu, if you have someone you can confide in, let them know what you’re going thru, and remember it doesn’t last forever , the bad feelings do subside, I can promise you that. I’m now 4 weeks free from these evil pills , I’m much better in myself, still get loose bowels , and still not 100% in the sleep dept, but I don’t know what my normal sleep s anyway ( I’m menopausal as well ) I fully understand how you feel, I want you to know that although we don’t actually know any of us on here, we are all here to help and support. If you read the codeine posts you’ll see so many people who have struggled but also beaten this evil. I know if you are determined and think of your daughter, you’re doing it for her too, you’ll cry, you’ll ache, you’ll sweat buckets, etc etc.... But always remember you are NOT alone. The Harder the battle ....The sweeter the Victory Keep updating, it helps, and it may help someone going thru the same Take care x

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