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Feeling guilty and ashamed by

Thank you for sharing with us, it's not easy to put your story out there , however I'm hoping it gives you some comfort sharing and connecting with others. It sounds as though youve tried to support your wife in every which way, however she would really need to want to get the support she needs Have you thought about getting some support for yourself? Al Anon is a great place to start. They help people affected by someone else's substance misuse. I've been through hell, my story is on here if you click on my name. It's not the same substance, however I think we all share similarities when it comes to addiction, heartache and pain. I eventually did leave for my own sanity. I ended up having a break down. I am stronger these days (six months) on, but the affects leave a bitter taste. Have you got a local Alcohol service around? Would she consider giving them a call perhaps? Sending you big hugs and strength

Im finding it so hard to stop Cocaine by

Have you spoken to the doctor about the obsessive behaviours? Could be something underlying going on there. As for the reward, have you explored much about cocaine addiction? Cocaine acts by binding to dopamine - reward pathway. That might explain alot, so it's worth doing some reading. Being moody and shut off could be "cravings" so it's best starting to understand what they are and working out strategies in dealing with them All of what you've said is understandable, and well done for trying to manage this alone. Have you not thought about going to your local drugs service for additional support? It's good you're reaching out and trying, however you might want to work out what drove you to use in the first instance and go from there. I would recommend going for some additional help. Keep going

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Cocaine Behaviour Confusion by

If he don't come and see you within that time what will you do? Ah Daydream you deserve better than that! I think it's madness the way we wait about - I did for so long. In the end for me it was anger - I was furious at the way he treated me and I just wanted to make it right. Sort of like healing a wound and putting a plaster over it. I think Louise is probably right in some way about them always being ok. Partly because that drug makes people selfish and full of ego! Arrogant even. Well, one day they will wake up from the sh*t storm they've created and they will fall! Then let's see them get off the floor. Knowing me I'd probably be there to help but I'd never go back to that!

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Broken, does anyone feel this way ? by

Ah Lucy I'm sorry you're going through this. It's absolutely heartbreaking. I was with my partner for 22years and something similar happened to me (and our two girls). If you click on my name you can read my story. I'm six months down the line, and although I'm heartbroken, I've got alot stronger. I've had all the "not in love" and " don't want this anymore" but the Truth is I don't think these men know what they want. I'd not listen to all that noise and definitely don't blame yourself, like I did, as that caused me to have a break down in the end. I was in a bad place, but as cliche as it sounds it does get better gradually day by day. It's really scary but what helped me was trying to focus one day at a time. I know that's easier said than done but when everything is so up in the air and our lives spin out of control, especially with some big changes ahead it's easy to get caught up with anxiety and sadness. I'm here if you need to talk. Sending you hugs ❤️

Feeling stuck by

Ah you sound like you've taken as much as you can, and you definitely deserve better than this. I think in the end it gets to the point where you have to shift your focus on to yourself otherwise you end up losing you in all this. And let's face it the behaviours that come along with addiction is just so erratic and unhealthy. I just noticed I got so stressed my mental health took a nose dive. We ain't rehabilitation centers for these people! He, like my ex partner needs professor help, but that's if they truly want it. Sadly, we wasn't his rock bottom - he just left when I asked him too and doesn't even bother with his children. Obviously, the drug lifestyle and addiction is too much of a strong hold. I'm sick of thinking about his recovery when mine and my kids are as important. Keep talking and be kind to yourself

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Ex partner with a cocaine addiction by

Same here, I've been blamed, shamed and accused of being out of order by his family because I asked him to leave the home after finding out about his recent cheating! I wouldn't mind but he told me all about his sordid night with a stranger In front of our daughter. Brings me to tears even remembering all of that. I do know I deserve better and at the moment taking it one day at a time. I think all of their nastiness is a projection of how ugly they are on that stuff. I can't even look at my ex he makes me sick!

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