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So what do I do now? by

Swabs confirmed there was cocaine all over the spare room. When I spoke to my husband about it I explained how much I love him and that I would support him through stopping. Of course he was angry at me for ‘snooping’ and ‘trying to ruin his life’ and the conversation ended with his taking some of his belongings and I’ve not seen him since. I desperately want to call him, text him, plead with him, tell him I hate him, tell him I love him etc etc. But what do I do? What works at getting them to choose their wife, kids, home, dogs, job, everything, over a quick buzz every couple of days?

Am I imagining it? by

Thanks for your reply Lemony. They did come back positive and yes I’ve noticed money disappearing. I spoke to him and told him I loved him and that I knew he was taking cocaine and that if he wanted my help I am right here. He denied denied denied and I ended up giving him a bag of his stuff and he’s gone off somewhere. I think he’ll get back in touch when he’s calmed down but if he doesn’t then that’s up to him. I don’t know how else to help or what to say to make him see I’m here and that what he’s been doing is wrong. Thankfully our kids are used to him working odd hours so they’ve gone to sleep happy as ever.

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Am I making myself crazy? by

Am I imagining it? Hubby had a major cocaine problem that ended with us separating for 3 years although we continued to be together during that time. He turned his life around, has an amazing job, is a wonderful dad and husband except....the past couple of months he’s started to withdraw from me, sleeps in another room, if he’s not at work he’s asleep, no sex drive, EXTREME mood swings, and drinking a little too much a little too often. Then I noticed in the spare room he’s torn rectangles of paper off of guess is they’re being used to roll up and sniff cocaine? A couple of weeks ago I thought his eyes looked funny, and he had a really runny nose a couple of times. Am I being paranoid? I’ve ordered cocaine wipes that’ll be here today so I can go over the shelves etc in the spare room like I’m some sort of detective. Feels like I’m going crazy!?!?!

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