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Week 10 - Wow what a change. It’s been hard But what a huge change. He is back and fully here. I now realise how bad it was and how it was so gradual... I hadn’t seen it. Hadn’t realised how bad it was. He’s 100% clean, still taking tests every two day. He attends NA meetings. Speaking to the GP every two weeks. Having weekly drug counsellor sessions. I’ve done counselling and sobbed through the whole session. But it’s done. We start couples counselling next week. I didn’t think we would be ok. I didn’t think he could do it. His sex drive has returned and it is so much better between us. I feel like we really have a connection again. I knew I missed it but didn’t appreciate how upset I was about that! I think now it was all a huge cry for help (as well as pure selfishness) and now he has better support and I understand what’s going on I can help. I think everyone was right when they said the person has to want to change. Without that you can’t make it happen. It’s their journey and we are just dragged along!

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Congratulations on the baby! I think every single one of us wants a crystal ball. Wish we had done xyz before and not got to where we are. I’ve only been in the ‘know’ 8 days and what a crazy week it’s been. Kittenmitten - I really could relate to your post saying that wish you were the nagging wife, you wish you had nagged and not allowed it to be the norm. I am promising myself to be this... to not let anything go and nagg. If he doesn’t like it then tough! There’s the door. BUT we have children, it makes things so much harder. It makes it more upsetting. As I’m hurting for me and them, especially as I can say what’s happening. Ash - has loads of knowledge and been so helpful.

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Urine drug test by

Gosh I admire you honesty so much! It’s incredible and what a bloody mess you have created. But you are aware, you can tell that by your words. No way should she take you back, but you should want to go back. You can’t. A prison cell must have really shaken things up. But like you say you have got apprenticeships sept and a roof over your head (ok not where you want to be!) so it’s day 16, imagine what you can achieve by day 365!!! Keep going!!!

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