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Gosh I read your post, I really feel for you, mine is bad and yes my son threatens to sort out the older one, but then you don't want it to flare up. I spoke to social worker the other day and they said that what normally happens is the victims get fed up with it first before the perpetrator. I am hoping this is not the case and my son sorts his life out! Weed they say is harmless, oh yes (not)! It affects the person and family like all drugs and alcohol. They will look back on this one day and really regret their decisions. It is damaging to all involved and expensive too! I have tried various avenues for help and unless he refers himself they can do nothing!

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Help don't know what to do! by

I am a single mum of 2 and my eldest son is causing alot of trouble in my home. I love him dearly but I think he is smoking weed every day. He is selling things, threatening to sell things, damaging my home in anger, not working and demanding money every other day, I have given him money and his grandad has also but this is not going to stop unless I stop it. I am so fearful that he is destroying my home which I have recently had rennovated. He is becoming abusive and more aggressive. Threatening myself and thowing things and kicking out and damaging things. I am at the end of my teather and to be honest I just dont know what to do. I have called the police but this has not stopped him. I cannot afford to give him money like this it is costing a fortune and it is costing me in repairs to my home. He shows a clear lack of respect and does not seem to care. I have looked for drug referrals but they will not take him until he refers himself. Need help now!

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