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Jasmine I understand your worry and feeling of being at your wits end! My son isn’t acknowledging he needs help and is being secretive about his drug use. Accepting that has been a big discovery for me. I have taken him food shopping so I know he has food in and a roof over his head. He has no cash and has asked for money/ a loan he says but he’s had so much money over the last year and never pays a penny back. I said no, it was the hardest thing to do! But I know by Giving him money I’ve been rescuing and enabling his chaotic life and I need to stop doing it or else this will carry on.

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Thank you for your response, I really appreciate it! He has smoked cannabis for 10 years which I was aware off. His friends indicated they felt he was now using other things but they weren’t sure....only said they had seen him with a known dealer that he doesn’t usually associate with. He gets very hyper and wide eyed. He gets very angry very quickly and has lost all his long term friends! Been barred from his favourite places. The other day when I went to see him he desperately asked me to take him to check on some homeless guys (he said he is supporting). He told me they take crack. He jumped out of the car as soon as he saw them and told me to drive on. I parked around the corner. He came back 10 minutes later but I noticed his eyes were wide open and he was agitated and hyper in mood. He asked me for a loan yesterday and I said no. At first he got cross but managed to stop himself from being nasty when I said I was going to end the call. I realise I’ve been a rescuer and an enabler to him for a long time. It’s hard though to watch his life destructing around him. It’s just hard knowing what to do for the best?