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Hope this helps at least 1 person by

I am alsothe wife of a cocaine addict. I have recently split up from my husband, because of Cocaine. Everything you have written about is nearly the same as my husband describes. My husband is currently on a 12 step programme and doing really, just got to his 30 day sobriety. Fingers crossed he continues on the same path. But I have to be realistic, I know he will relapse at some point. But I will deal with that, when or if it happens. Thank you for sharing this post. It will help a lot of people including myself.

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Husband left. by

Sorry to hear this Hox, he probably doesn’t know how to feel, because Cocaine supresses emotion, well at least that’s what my husband says. I completely understand not wanting to see your husband. I was the same. I didn’t see mine for 2 weeks when we split up. The emotion was too raw for me to deal with and I knew seeing him would make it worse. Do you know where he is staying? Luckily my husband, had a good family member that he Is living with. I attended a group, that supports people with addicts in their family. I have found it very useful. It’s nice to talk and offload to people, in the same position as myself. The most important thing you need to do, is take care of yourself. We are all hear on this forum, to support you in anyway we can.


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I don’t understand by

Thank you, I appreciate your reply. I’ve read your story and realise that we are in a similar situation. (It’s rubbish!!!) I have stopped being angry with my husband and have calmed down. Him leaving was the best decision for myself, him and our children. He has started to attend cocaine anonymous. He says he is really benefiting from the meetings and attending twice a week. Has your husband moved out yet? Do you have anyone you can talk to regarding your situation. I have a large circle of friends, but only confine in a couple, because I feel embarrassed of my situation and don’t want everyone gossiping about me. I feel that I can only talk to people who are in a similar position as myself and know what it feels like to be 2nd best to cocaine. I do find this forum helps me with that. Take care of yourself. X

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Lapsed after 2 month without coke :( by

You should!’t feel so hard on yourself Danman. Relapse is all part of recovery. I can understand your disappointment, but you have realised you mistake. This will make you stronger in the long run. Addiction is a disease. It takes a long time to recover. This is just a bump in the road. Pick yourself back up and continue on your journey. You have been clean for 2 months and you will be able to be clean for 2 months again. I wish you the best of luck. We are all here to support you on your journey.

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Your story sounds so familiar to mine, it’s unreal. I work evenings 5 nights a week and my husband looks after our children. His been using cocaine while I’ve been at work and his looking after the children. He tells me a the time that he has a problem and needs help. But he never actually seeks the help. He lies so much now, I never believe a word he says. Today was the last straw, when he spent all his wages on cocaine last night over £500. I have left him. I need to make myself and my children my priority. I need to love myself again instead of worry what my husband is doing, or worrying if he is lying to me again. We argue all the time about it and my children witness it all. I decided I need to stop enabling his addiction and concentrate on us for a change. I have tried to help him so many times, but nothing works. I hope your situation works out. I am now seeking counselling for the emotional scars and lack of trust issues I have as a result of my situation

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