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Hi both I don’t know if it helps but I also get the same The always say you lash out at the one closest to you. My partner has said sometimes it’s almost like if he says all this stuff and I leave then it proves him right that I was always going to leave I had a long talk with my MIL last night and she’s told me I have to draw a line - I have to stand up to him and say no you are not saying that to me. It’s so hard when you love an addict as I’m finding out. The illness takes over the person we know them to be and we end up bearing the brunt of their unhappiness. As I’ve found with my husband unless this week - they have to absolutely hit rock bottom to realise they need to find up On Sunday my husband made some analogy about how he drinks:takes stuff as armbands to keep afloat and not drown I said to him no. Absolutely no. They aren’t the armbands. Those things are the things drowning you and making you sink. As friends and family have said to me this last couple of days “think what you want. Don’t just accept this, think about your well-being too” I’ve told my mum some of it He’s told his parents everything He’s also told two of our friends (a couple) This support network will make it easier for us all I think. It’s taken a long time to get here though: Sorry for all the babble: Just remember - we are not alone. It’s so hard being the partner of an addict, and so hard being an addict too - but we have to find support and find ways to remember it’s not our fault xx

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Hi I don’t know exactly what to tell you as it’s my husband who suffers with addiction - but I wanted to say well done for making this post. It is so hard to make that step yourself Do you have someone that you can trust to support you? To tell everything to and have their help. Cutting off contact you have with your source of getting the coke could help. Make that call - speak to someone who can give you proper advise. It’ll be hard for sure - but if you have someone who could sit by your side while you dial the number would that help?

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Hi I’ve found I get the “blame” too It’s my fault that I don’t understand him / we are different people / we want different things / this is just who he is and if I can’t accept that he’ll leave It’s always threats of leaving - all about making it my problem I’ve just posted to say it’s reached a head here and he’s realised how much of a problem he has. He’s left for a few days - I don’t know how long a few days is.

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Hi Sorry for lack of replies. Have you managed to get better support? His drinking has been horrible these last few weeks. So incredibly heavy. Just at home of evenings etc. He said on Thursday morning that he know he was drinking too much and wouldn’t drink until we go out for dinner on Sunday. . . It’s 8pm on Saturday night and he’s taken himself to bed because he can’t handle not drinking. To be fair to him / he’s not touched a drop today and only had 4 cans yesterday (compared to the usual 8-12 - although was about 15 on Weds) so I know he’s trying In January he did a whole month off and he’s promised me he is going to do it again this Jan But right now I hate it. I was on verge of going to shop because I can’t stand him sitting there in silence. He’s snapping at me and I’m trying not to take it personally but it’s hard. I can’t win. I’ve either got a husband who is drinking himself into an early grave or Ive got a husband who is moody and not interacting at all due to his battling his desire to drink.

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