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I haven’t lost my daughter … yet. Her problems started at 23 when she had a very successful career but met a drug dealer who moved in with her and got her onto cocaine. She also developed a codeine addiction. She managed to seek help and get off them and met someone new. She got pregnant and due to the neglect of the NHS my grandson died at full term. She was also really sick and nearly died. Since then and 3 years later she has spiralled out of control on just about anything she can lay her hands on. Alcohol, opiates prescribed by the NHS, solvent abuse, diazepam, morphine, sometimes cocaine when she can get it. We even moved 200 miles in order to get away from drug dealers etc. She has a court case against the nhs and refuses to seek help in case it goes on her record and she gets blamed for what I don’t know. She’s nearly died of a cocodamol overdose. Mental health services are shit and counselling or therapy has to be paid for. We both had to give up our careers and go on benefits. Life is very very cruel and we are stuck here with the fall out every day. I’m torn between anger and fear and not knowing what to do on a daily basis. Especially as her circumstances are so sad. However in this situation one ends up being an enabler. All we can do for each other is share our stories and to know that there’s someone else there in the same hellish position gives a small amount of comfort.

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Wow , I am laid in bed 5 am with daughter age 30 next to me. Staying at my sisters house for a visit . My 30 year old daughter was a successful business woman who got into an abusive relationship at 23 then took coke heavily drank heavily. She then lost her baby at full term and nearly died all un substance related. Fast forward 3 years… 2 years of abusing , opiates, benzodia, alcohol, solvents …. Almost died of paracetamol overdose last November now with raging oxycodone and solvent problem. Fighting a negligence case against NHS for the loss of her son. I have even relocated with her to try and ‘save’ her. I have tried everything to help her reduce , keep safe, get on track blah blah. Have given up my home, career everything to support her. Where does this end?? I need someone to talk to who understands. This is a living nightmare..

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Yes we are living under the same roof. I try to get out and walk as much as I can and do things. As she’s turned to aerosols now it’s so difficult to try and even have the smallest influence. These are so easy to get hold of and I simply can’t stop her getting her hands on them or using them. I’ve put her in touch with resolve but it’s made little difference. Because she’s actually prescribed diazepam and codiene she hs a supply of it but takes it all in a short time and despite me trying to help by giving it to her etc etc it doesn’t work. I will actually phone one of the support charities and see if they can help as except leaving her to it which is hard.

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