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Coke rules my life by

I can’t speak for anyone else here but I tried CA a couple of times many years ago. It wasn’t for me. I felt the need to have one to one intellectual and emotional expression based on my experiences but could never find anyone to speak to. The group intro followed by the tea break at the end felt rushed and unproductive for my needs. It left me feeling confused. On the other hand an old friend was involved in a CA rehab abroad then came back to continue his journey and has been sober for 13 years or so. I couldn’t handle the commitment of the meetings but see how they can help others. For me the being truthful to myself and finding liberation through my personal efforts has given me a great sense of freedom. You can’t change the past but you can influence what happens next in your life.

by Lou37

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Partner uses cocaine by

This now has to be about your own mental health and state of mind. You know if you carry on it will continue to ruin your life. You’ve given it 8 years that’s nearly a decade. I want to say leave him but obviously the threat of him self harming worries me so I would say you need to seek professional advice for yourself on what to do and take action immediately. The blatant harm that’s been done will be hard to ignore moving forward but it sounds like the quality of the relationship has been compromised and his addiction has taken control of his and your life. Concentrate on your well being liberate yourself and maybe just maybe he will too. Good luck angrybird

Crack Addicted Mum by

Dear Salboo, Your circumstances resonate. I’m deeply sorry to hear of your anguish. I lost my mother in her early 50’s as a result of alcolhism. She hid it very well and by the time we knew it was at the point of no return it was too late. You blame Yourself for not seeing it sooner not knowing how to deal with or actually believing the consequences will turn to reality. Addiction is an illness the most powerful thing you can do is continue to love your mother who brought you into this world and if you can let her know how much you do care but how much her abusing is destroying you. Stay as strong as you can maybe write her a letter explaining your emotions and grief. If you have done all you can your conscience should be clear. I tried everything I could with my mum and I hope you don’t suffer mate. Best of luck to you and your family. Is there any way to get her to rehab?

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Desperate for help by

Good evening Captain. That sounds like a good productive day. Sleep deprivation is a big drain or your mental well being. Be mindful that a few days of positivity can sometimes allow the mind to drift and think hey that was ok actually. Plotting how to self validate using. The key is to keep your guard up. Be very afraid of the consequences don’t allow conning yourself into ever thinking it will be ok. But be very proud of yourself knowing that you have a plan of action to liberate yourself from something that ultimately will make you very very unhappy. Occupy yourself with hobbies, maybe art, playing a musical instrument, cooking some random thing you’ve always wanted to do, go for a run. Make sure you end the day with self satisfaction, a smile a sense of achievement. You sound like a positive person so never let anyone crush that or get in the way of your happiness. I’m doing very well thank you it’s also been a very productive day too. It’s great the interview went well. Best of luck with it.

by Dot

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I've Finally Had To Let Go of My Adult Alcoholic Son by

I’m so sorry to hear of your grief. Your boy is ill. I hope from the bottom Of my heart that he takes control and makes the choice himself to survive. I lost my mum to alcoholism she was in her early 50’s. A close friend of mine was an alcoholic who put his parents through the same troubles your son has put you through. They sent him away to another country for rehab. Miraculously when he came back he stuck with it and I think it’s been 13 years for him with no alcohol. Another friend couldn’t control his addiction ended up in a hospice and sadly passed. He was a gentle lovely guy. Alcoholism is such a poisonous disease it’s made even harder that alcohol is on every corner every shop every restaurant. Giving up must be such a difficult and continuous challenge. Sometimes miracles do happen sometimes they don’t and I’ve seen both. And it does sometimes take one to be at their lowest point to hit rock bottom to find the light and courage to take that first step. The fact is only your son when he decides can save himself. You must now compose yourself, be strong. Find enjoyment from this life, you have done everything you can with the card that you have been dealt. I wish you all the best.

Forgiving and letting go. by

This is really positive news. I wish you all the success and positive state of mind in the world. You mention that she probably expected you to be.... My thinking is to try and avoid negative thoughts. Maybe she does or maybe she doesn’t. Definitely try not to rub her nose in your liberation or success if you can see her pissed off. What is a fact is that she is the mother of your children and a pissed off mum is no good to anyone. You want them to be happy, that means playing the game so that you can be a better person than the one who is being negative if indeed they are. If you can look after yourself you can look after your family so conflict avoidance needs to be at the forefront if conflict exists. Best of luck

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Quiting tramadol by

I was pushed pills by my GP, gabapentin, tramadol and neproxin. The GBP made me fee like a zombie the neproxin had no effect but the tramadol did help. But the constipation was so bad it was counterproductive to the back pain. Anyway docs didn’t even tell me about how addictive tramadol was. I was taking two tablets in the evening and you can feel yourself sledge. Walking about on tramadol fealt ok. By chance I was in shop getting some keys cut talking to the guy about my back problem and telling him I’m on tramadol. He says oh mate you want to be off those the withdrawal is tough. I immediately stopped. To be honest I didn’t feel the urge to take them but I had very vivid nightmares for a week. Exorcism being the main theme and it wasn’t pleasant. I’m glad to say I never touched them again. Now seeing a great Osteopath and working on core exercises and a good diet. Cold turkey worked for me it was just nightmares. I hope it’s an easy release for you. Good luck

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Cocaine addiction. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? by

Cocaine addiction can be perpetual it takes great courage and mental strength to keep those demons at bay. Even after a remorseful binge, a reemergence will occur, convincing, plotting how to deal with the consequences, however the plan always fails resulting in remorse. There may be light at the end of the tunnel but when will this be and can it happen?. Are you going to let yourself loose years of your life on this uncertain journey? If you or him have the strength to live a life, free mind altering substances and be content with who you are without it, that’s the beginning of a life with a lot less stress. Cocaine brings out the worst in ones personality especially when deep in the binge. It makes you argue with yourself, lie to others, scam and hurt the people you love and eventually cause irreversible damage to health and relationships. I hope you make the decision to do what’s right for you and I hope your partner finds the power to be honest with himself and dig deep to pack it in.

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