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Hi mums ,dads husbands,etc I came on here tonight to see how you were all doing ? Some good news and some not so good ..well mine is never good and I feel it never will be .sorry .my son has now been kicked out of the hostel because he cant abide by rules he needed to be back by midnight give or take a bit .couldn't do it ,needed to keep £3 do do his washing again couldn't do neither could he keep hold of a key or engage with agencies or his benefits or probation. 30 year old and I cannot see any end to this disastrous lifestyle..

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New to this devastation. My son and cocaine by

Hi Jennifer ,hox and all you other mums and wives yes its exhausting isnt it I feel worn out again this morning been waking up all night with palpitations fretting and worrying.yes I do know that feeling Jennifer all day everyday I battle with myself saying I'm going to keep my distance until he starts to try to sort himself out I'm going to tell him what I think ....and then I hear from him if he has a phone and I go all soft on him I dont know when any of us are actually going to feel normal again with this terrible black cloud hanging over us and our loved ones ...thinking of you all xxx

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Desperate mother by

Hi all yes it's a very expensive drug its evil its ruined my son's life it's been over 10 years of devastation hes done rehab lost his girlfriend/best friend of "all his adult life "he owns nothing sometimes not even a coat hes done the salvation army short prison spell .nothing bad as he is a lovely person"until the evil shit" hes now in a hostel but he can hopefully move forward to get a rented place we spent some time together at Christmas he was fab we had a lovely time I got my lovely boy back..let's all keep our fingers crossed for our loved ones and hope they get through it xxx


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Desperate by

Hi to all the worried and lovely parents I've posted lots about my cocaine addict son. He's in prison I actually feel less worried about his safety and well being but it's his 30th birthday tomorrow and it's upsetting because he has nothing other than a few clothes in a bin bag cocaine has taken everything and when he is released he will have no were to go and no coat to were .devastating for a mum but I can't do anything more to help

Really need some help and advice please by

Hi Marion my heart goes out to you it's a terrible situation to be in I'm also sorry about the loss of your brother. Sometimes we have to think of our own sanity and do what we know is right for us my son's addiction cocaine has had a massive impact on my life and I know it's easier for other people who don't understand to say but please think of yourself it sounds like you've gone through enough already.. the worrie never goes away I hope you can be strong I know how hard it is wishes

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Hi to all the worried and sad parents I don't know if my earlier post went to the right place? I hope that I will get the hang of a call from a custody sergeant 30 mins ago who put my son on the phone crying and heartbroken saying "I've had enough mum I just want to Die "I don't know what I can do I actually said to him "I don't know what to say love "then the call ended so now I will wait .what can we do it's exhausting end never ending worrie .hope I've not made anyone more miserable but needed to chat my husband isn't realy interested he's sick of it after 10 years but I knew things were coming to a head but usually Don t discuss it x

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drugs have taken over my son by

Hi I'm sorry I didn't realise that was your post about your son it's the most terrible thing waiting for a knock on the door I have a panic attack if anyone knocks on my door.i hope you can get some help and don't get doors slammed in your face I've pleaded for people to help my son but as people tell me he has to want to help himself and at the moment doesn't appear to be doing that.i hope you get some help for your son and for you

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