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Thanks debc, It is another world. My daughter said that to me earlier. Its like a dark underworld that we didn't know existed! I saw him earlier (he wanted cigs) and mentioned going to a meeting tomorrow. I've to take him as he's no money to pit car through mot. I feel i have no life , running about after him all the time. Yes, I'll try not to mention her, although she often the cause of his relapses. I agree, you've got to love yourself before you can love Paul. Thanks again Debc Lx

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Hi feeling lost I hope you're well and coping okay. I just noticed that you asked a question at end of text. My family, ie elderly parents and brother and sisters aren't aware of my son's addictions. They know I have anxiety and stress, but i haven't told them that my son causes most of it. I have 2 very close friends who I have confided in , and I feel better when I share my concerns with them. I don't like burdening them too much though , it can get a bit heavy. My elderly parents couldn't handle it, my sisters would want to march round and stick up for me - bless them. Ignorance is bliss sometimes! I hope that you are in a happier place now, life is too short. I'm trying to meditate a bit and trying to find happiness in simple things. Take care of you. Lx

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Thank you for sharing your story with me. My son has also said about 'needing time to sort himself ' . But only until he needs something. My husband and my daughter are also fed up with it all. They say I should be harder with him, not give into his needs. Its hard to switch off that nurture button though - isn't it? The alcohol which leads to cocaine , he tells me has de-sensitized him to others feelings. He learned that from the 12 step program he was trying through CA and AA meetings. I do believe its true as he wasn't always so selfish and disrespectful as a youngster. I agree also that they are making these choices but don't want the consequences that come with it. He's in contact with me, i only text now as I didn't like the verbal abuse I got last time, when he bullied me into submission, which is what he has done since he was 14. Its a difficult situation, as you worry when you don't hear from them , then get anxious and stressed when you do! Reading others stories, I realise there are families going through a lot more pain than me. Is there such a thing as a normal life with walking on eggshells every day? I feel I can't move forward with my life at the moment. Sorry for whining, just getting things off my chest, feel free to do the same. Thanks for your support, I hope things improve for you and your son. Take care, Lx


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I'm so sad to read your story, and I'm so sorry for your loss. As parents of children with addictions, it's out of our hands, we can only do our best to support them. I really hope your grand daughter will wake up one day and realise she has a problem and seek help. It's totally down to her choices. There's some good advice from people on this forum. Read the other stories and you'll realise that you not alone. I don't have all the answers but I want you to know that people care about you and what you're going through. Please accept help and support and look after your own health. Im starting to realise I need to do this too. I'm same age as you. Take care, Lx

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Help1 I really sympathise with you. I also have a 27 yr old son with alcohol and drug addiction. Its so sad that your son is ill as a result of his addiction. I also worry that my son's health suffers as a result. I think his health problems are more paranoia and mental health issues which need to be addressed. I think Danman has given great advice there. At least you know that there are other mums and relatives who worry constantly about their loved ones. I wish you well, take care of your own health, and take as much advice and support that's available. I'll keep you in my prayers. Lx

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