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Hi Wagtail, I am so sorry that you have this dilemma to deal with. If you read Danman83 thread he has lots of advice and support as a person in recovery. Perhaps the Icarus trust could advise you too, I believe they have counselling services. My 28yr son also has alcohol and cocaine addictions, so I understand the rollercoaster of emotions that goes with it. My son has recently relapsed after almost 6 months clean. He was honest with us, and told us he's drinking again to help him 'cope'. Its easy to get angry and frustrated but I told him I still love him. Told him we're here for him but not to settle his debts. I help with cigs and food and text him or phone regularly. But ultimately I guess its down to their choices that they make, to get support and help. It's heartbreaking as you feel you can't switch off. I feel now, that the ball is in his court and I can't do anymore than I'm doing at the moment. My health and well-being would suffer if I got too involved. I know after a comedown they are very tired and when they're not sleeping they're very hungry. Its better that they don't mistake hunger pangs for drug cravings. Just keep him fed and hydrated for the moment and he'll sleep it off for a few days. That's my experience anyway, I guess everyone handles different situations according to the needs at the time, especially if he has suicidal thoughts, I'd seek professional advice. Remember to take care of you too. Keep in touch on this forum. Lx

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My son also thinks he can be a moderate drinker. The AA tell him complete abstinence is the only answer. A few drinks and then it's triggers the need for cocaine , then the cycle starts...I guess you know the pattern only too well like me. It's good he has a girlfriend, my son feels lonely and its difficult to meet someone while your fighting addiction never mind in a global pandemic! I hate this evil drug that hooks you in , makes all your problems go away, but leaves a trail of devastation in its wake. And then the scumbag dealers who prey on the vulnerable like vultures. just venting, I don't know what the answer is to rid the world of this evil drug. We can only do our best though, let our kids know that they're still loved. Just have to do the best we can under the circumstances. I've got a black belt in prayer at the moment 🙏 Take care, keep your chin up. Lx

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My codeine use needs to stop, will start next week! Need supporters by

Hi beedb Nice to hear from you too. Yes I hope so too. I wish he understood the damage it causes, to health, his well being, his work, his family. But I know addiction can make people selfish sometimes and they don't realise the hurt they cause. I really do wish would well with all my heart ❤ I understand that it's not easy, but well worth it in the end. My son was more like his old self again when he was off it. Take care, keep in touch Lx

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Hi Dr Doak, welcome to the forum. Everyone here has a loved one with addiction or is trying to stop some form of substance abuse. Unfortunately I know nothing about codeine addiction, but if you click onto 'share your story ' and read the posts by Flower, there are2 or 3 people trying to stop it. They share each others experiences and support each other too. As a mother of son with alcohol and cocaine addictions I understand what kind of effects it can have on a family. I wish you well, stay strong Lx

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Does he live with you or is he alone? Does he have a close friend or a partner who can check on him and keep you posted? Are you able to speak to him daily- as I think they need daily contact to reassure them, and to let him know that you're there if he needs your support. I think you need to be taking care of yourself too, are you able to confide in someone close to you? If not, perhaps try the Icarus trust group. Try not to think too far ahead, take each minute, hour , day at a time. Even a 5 minute meditation video on your phone, it clears the head a bit. You may not be religious, but prayer has helped me through a lot of difficult days. Walking somewhere pretty helps me too. Stay strong, positive thoughts and have hope Lx

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