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supporting children of addict by

Hi tired mum Welcome to the forum. I just wanted you to know that you're not alone. Everyone on this forum has been affected by drugs and alcohol, whether it be parents, relatives and also some advice and support from people in recovery . I am in a different situation as it's my adult son who has addictions. If you read the other threads, there are others in your situation, who have younger children. The forum itself has advice and support, but sometimes it's comforting to talk to others in similar situations. First and foremost, look after yourself and your children, it's such an evil thing addiction, but if you're armed with lots of support and advice, it will give you strength to get through it. Take care, stay strong and look after yourself. Lx


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Hey everyone by

Hi feeling lost I hope you're well and coping okay. I just noticed that you asked a question at end of text. My family, ie elderly parents and brother and sisters aren't aware of my son's addictions. They know I have anxiety and stress, but i haven't told them that my son causes most of it. I have 2 very close friends who I have confided in , and I feel better when I share my concerns with them. I don't like burdening them too much though , it can get a bit heavy. My elderly parents couldn't handle it, my sisters would want to march round and stick up for me - bless them. Ignorance is bliss sometimes! I hope that you are in a happier place now, life is too short. I'm trying to meditate a bit and trying to find happiness in simple things. Take care of you. Lx

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Alcohol the killer by

I'm so sad to read your story, and I'm so sorry for your loss. As parents of children with addictions, it's out of our hands, we can only do our best to support them. I really hope your grand daughter will wake up one day and realise she has a problem and seek help. It's totally down to her choices. There's some good advice from people on this forum. Read the other stories and you'll realise that you not alone. I don't have all the answers but I want you to know that people care about you and what you're going through. Please accept help and support and look after your own health. Im starting to realise I need to do this too. I'm same age as you. Take care, Lx

by Mrtoad

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Ketamine addict son by

Help1 I really sympathise with you. I also have a 27 yr old son with alcohol and drug addiction. Its so sad that your son is ill as a result of his addiction. I also worry that my son's health suffers as a result. I think his health problems are more paranoia and mental health issues which need to be addressed. I think Danman has given great advice there. At least you know that there are other mums and relatives who worry constantly about their loved ones. I wish you well, take care of your own health, and take as much advice and support that's available. I'll keep you in my prayers. Lx

I don’t know what to do by

Hi Moles Thank you for sharing your story with us. I'm so sorry to hear of the situation with your husband. If you've read the other stories on this forum you will see that you're not alone. We all know what it's like to be on the receiving end of someone with an addiction. This horrible illness turns them into a lying, manipulating, paranoid, selfish person. It consumes them and they will suck you dry and leave you feeling exhausted. They of course are completely to blame, but will never admit it. It's part of their guilt i think. Read the other stories, some will give advice and support , as we have all been in the situation. I hope you get the help and support you need. I wish you well and God bless. Lx

by Rob30

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Relapse by

Hi Bird I'm sorry to hear of your anguish with your partner. It's very difficult to be around a loved one who has an addiction. I think when they've been clean for a bit, you get lured into a false sense of security. When my son was attending aa and ca meetings, he was clean for 3 months. My husband and I thought that was it....cured. I didn't realise that they can relapse several times. The answer for him is complete abstinence from alcohol, cos that leads to cocaine, then the debts build up. He takes time off work and looks to us for food , cigs petrol etc. He only works to pay off his debts, his wage is spent before he gets it! It begins and ends with the addict ....he's got to WANT to stop it himself. Doesn't matter what you say or try to do, its an illness that affects the way they think, which is not logical . The addiction makes them selfish and numb to other peoples feelings. I would suggest you get more support and advice, and put yourself and your happiness first. I wish you well, God bless Lx


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