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My mum won't stop drinking by

You're welcome Chloe 😊 Yes it's so hard to see them being taken over by addiction. I felt I was grieving for the lad he used to be- I know exactly how you feel! It's a horrible situation and you don't deserve this. Make sure you contact one of some of these support groups Chloe- you'll feel that you have someone fighting your corner. It's a lot for a young person like you to handle by yourself. Yes, so proud of him. He's been helping others too, looks so much better. He's still not 100%, but a hell of a lot better than he was! Thank you so much for your kind wishes I'll keep you and your mum in my prayers- this also has got me through some difficult times. Take care, keep in touch, Lx ❤️

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Being honest, I'm worried about relapsing by

Hi Jamesb, I'm so sorry for your loss. I wish I knew the right thing to say to you. I really admire you for the way you have fought your battle with addiction. My son is 29, in recovery, 11 months. I know how hard this is for you both. My son told me it was always his "go to" when situations were difficult for him. He still has moments when he's struggling, but thankfully he has made some good friends in the CA fellowship and his sponsor is a great support. We're here for him too, but the fellowship guys know what to say and do due to their experiences. I always seem to say the wrong thing and he gets upset with me for not "getting him" I do hope you can speak to someone close James, or even a bereavement counselling service. You've been through so much lad, please stay strong and keep in touch here. Danman83 is a good support and also in recovery. Sending much love ❤️ Lx

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Hi Conor, welcome to the forum. Most people here have a loved one with addiction, people in recovery and people like yourself looking for support and advice. You have already taken a step to recovery by admitting that your addiction is taking over- this in itself is a big step! My son is 29yr and has alcohol and cocaine addictions, ( the alcohol triggers the need for cocaine). He's been addicted for 10+ years. We as a family, have been through a living hell. Thankfully 18 months ago, it came to a head, and we said we'd support him as he was like yourself- struggling. Up to his eyes in debt, about to lose his job, flat, car, his family. His physical and mental health was suffering in a big way. We agreed to help him with some of the debt, and compiled the rest which he paid back monthly. He joined AA and CA meetings online and face to face. He got a sponsor, did the 12 step program and got clean. These fellowship guys are so supportive and understanding. Don't get me wrong, it's been a battle and he had a couple of relapses along the way. But I'm pleased to say he's currently 11months clean. Read Danman83 and Jamesb posts here, they are guys who post here and are in early recovery offering support and advice too There's help out there Conor, if you're willing to take it. I'm sure you're a lovely lad, but this addiction is taking over your life. Please seek help and support asap, let someone close know that you're not okay. Stay strong, only you can make this happen Conor. Lx ❤️

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