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Anyone in recovery who's lost parents on here? by

Hi Jamesb So sorry to hear you're struggling, I know from my son's experience how hard it is to deal with sad or difficult situations while you are in recovery. Perhaps you could share this with someone close to help you through? The fellowship guys are so supportive in times of need, I know they've helped my son through some difficult times in his recovery. I would say it's normal to still want to grieve, perhaps a bereavement counselling service may help you. Please stay strong, seek support and look after yourself- you have been so supportive to others here, don't be afraid to seek support if you need it. My son is your age, I'd like to think he'd seek support if he was in your situation, I wouldn't want him being upset or struggling. I know they would be so proud of what you have achieved so far. ❤️ Stay strong lad, I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Lx

Coke and drink problem breaking me by

Hi Whymee, welcome to the forum and thank you for sharing your story and for being so honest. Congratulations on being 7 days sober! I know from my son's experience how hard it is in early recovery. He had to completely abstain from alcohol as it triggers the need for cocaine. He has had to avoid his usual group of Friends as this is a trigger also. The guys who he has met through CA and AA groups are really supportive. They organise weekend events and socialise . It's just training the brain to a newer, healthier way of living- a new lifestyle choice. My son has undiagnosed ocd, everything he does it's 100%. The doc said he could get any counselling until he was 6 months clean. But then there's a long waiting list unfortunately. I think he has undiagnosed adhd too. It certainly explains a lot of his rash decisions and disorganisation, accidents in cars etc. and addictions. I'm sure you'll find love again and be happy- just be strong, seek support to get through this time. Take care Lx

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My alcoholic dad by

Hi Christy, welcome to the forum and thank you for sharing your story. So sorry to hear about your dad's addiction and how it's affecting you and the family. Such a lot for you to cope with if you're also supporting your mum and sister. I wish I had all the answers for you. The adfam homepage have counselling support as do the Icarus trust, and Drugfam. Please take care of your own health and mental well-being at this stressful time. Find time for you. ❤️ Lx

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Help needed by

Hi LookingD, Welcome to the forum and thank you for sharing your story with us. By admitting that you think you may have an addiction to alcohol, this is a first step to recovery. Drinking daily and hiding the evidence - is a sign that you know this isn't normal. If you truly want to beat this thing, before it gets way out of hand, I think you would benefit from joining an AA group. My son has alcohol and cocaine addictions and this is the only thing that works for him. Face to face or online meetings regularly, starting the 12step program with a sponsor- the fellowship guys are so supportive and understanding. They've all been there so they know the script. My son is currently 9 months free of alcohol and cocaine. It was difficult especially at the beginning, but as long as you have the strength and determination to fight it. Keep in touch here, Stay strong, Lx ❤️

by Jamesb

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My husband and cocaine by

Yep, my son is currently in early recovery. He has cocaine and alcohol addictions. He definitely has undiagnosed ocd, does everything 100%- gambling, smoking, drinking, drugs (probably sex too I imagine!) He reached out for support 2 years ago, when he was about to loose everything. He joined AA and CA groups, did the 12 steps program with a sponsor. The fellowship guys are so supportive. There are meetings 24/7 online , face to face etc. It's a daily battle for him, but he says the meetings are his medicine. Currently 9 mths clean thank God. Read Danman83 posts, or Jamesb, they are in recovery offering support and advice too. Stay strong, or this drug will consume you until you're a shell of yourself. Take care Lx ❤️

by Smile1

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Supposed to get married in 2 months. by

Hi Lady, thank you for sharing your story. After 7 years you would think you would know a person - right? Do you have children- are you planning to? Do you think this is a healthy, nurturing environment to raise them? I realise it must be difficult, as you must love this man when he's sober. There are so many stories here from wives and girlfriends who are in similar situations. I guess what I'm saying is Lady that only you can decide if this is the future you want together. If you truly want to spend your life with him, I think he needs to commit himself to joining AA, get sober , and he needs to be the one to recognise that he has an addiction to alcohol and seek support to stop drinking. I wish you well - whatever choice you make Lady. Lx

by Debc

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Finally admitting by

Hi Callum, welcome to the forum and thank you for sharing your story. You have admitted that you have a problem with alcohol and cocaine and seek support. That is your first step to recovery ! If you scroll back a bit and read Danman83 or Jamesb posts they are guys in early recovery offering support and advice. My 29yr son has alcohol and cocaine addictions, the alcohol triggers the need for cocaine, so you need to stop drinking, and hanging around the crowd who drink and use. My son has been using alcohol since 14 and cocaine since 17. After years of hell, he came to us for help. Dealers after him, debt, about to lose everything. He joined CA and AA groups, he has had a few relapses but to date thanks to the fellowship guys and sheer determination is currently 9 months clean. So it IS possible, there are so many other success stories out there. You will be pushing others aside as using cocaine desensitises you towards any emotion or care. My son told me this. Please seek help from these guys Callum you won't regret it. The meetings are everywhere and regularly. So you have no excuse! Take care, stay strong and keep in touch here. Lx

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What now by

Hi Nobody, Welcome to the forum and thank you for sharing your story. So sorry to read of your son's situation with cocaine. Margot and Danman83 have offered you some great advice. My son is also a cocaine and alcohol addictions, but is currently in recovery thankfully. Danman has pretty much covered all the advice, I just wanted to say this has also worked for my son. Joined AA and CA groups, attends meetings, 12step programme with sponsor and the fellowship guys are so supportive. He had to stop socialising with his usual mates and stop drinking. Instead he meets them for meals, bowling . He can afford this now and he looks well. We had 14yrs of hell in the past - but it IS in the past. I wanted you to know that sobriety is possible if he really really wants to get well. Read the Theresa thread, it's all mums with sons with addictions all supportive of each other too. Most importantly take care of you wherever possible ❤️ Sending hugs Lx

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