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I can not cope anymore by

God Bless you Balu, you deserve so much more. Yes, this evil drug takes them over completely, it is like a mistress who they will always choose over their loved ones. You just have to see the other stories here from wives, girlfriends, mothers. It's heartbreaking. It will do you good to go to your home country and see your family. Just take each day at a time . I pray daily which helps, my son has stopped drinking at the moment, maybe my prayers are being answered. I wish you well Balu, whatever you choose to do, I will keep you in my prayers. Go easy on the sleeping tablets. Stay strong. Lx

by Window

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Help with dealing with addictive mum by

Hi Leedsgal, welcome to the forum. Everyone here has a loved one who has addictions. I was sorry to read your story and wanted to tell you not to feel alone with this nightmare. I don't have all the answers unfortunately but I know the homepage offer support as does the Icarus trust who post here often. I believe they counsellors who can advise you. So difficult when it's a family member as you feel you can't cut them off in case they deteriorate. My son has alcohol and cocaine addictions for more than 10 years. He tries to get clean but has had several relapses. It's a rollercoaster of emotions when there's addictions in your life. It's very stressful, please look after your own health and well-being. Take care of yourself Lx

by Salboo

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First CA meeting this evening by

Hi Jamesb, Well done you! It'll be the best thing you've ever done for yourself and for others. I think I replied to you before, when you said you'd had enough and wanted to stop. I'm glad you're reading the posts, especially Dan's, he will be acreal inspiration for people like yourself who are trying to change their lives around. Good luck for tonight, I'm sure it will be fine, and it's just a matter of time before the face to face meetings start again, they are even more supportive. Stay strong, be positive Lx

by Jamesb

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4 months clean from cocaine today🌞 by

Thanks for your reply Deb, it means a lot. It's good to talk to others that know how you feel How lovely, a granddaughter, I think it will be a while before I'm a granny! I'm old enough! Lol Yes, my son missed the social interaction. He thinks he's got the alcohol under control but he's only kidding himself, he has no off switch unfortunately. At least he's being civil, we've had to buy food and cigs for the last few weeks. He spent he's wages on the last drinkathon. So annoying, he never pays it back, he totally grudges it. He thinks that is us supporting him, cos we're his parents, even though he's really well paid. I guess we're still enabling him . Never mind, could be worse I guess. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Thanks once again for your support. Take care ❤ Lx

No Support Network by

Hi Salboo, welcome to the forum, everyone here has a loved one who has addictions and also some people in recovery offering support and advice too. I'm sorry to read your story, such a difficult thing to go through on your own. Sometimes you have to break away from a situation for self preservation. You need to do this, or your mental and physical health will suffer. Yes, it's difficult to speak to others about it, you feel embarrassed or that you're being judged for not supporting well enough. My son has alcohol and cocaine addictions and I usually post on the Theresa thread here. There are several of us mums with sons with addictions. Everyone is so understanding and supportive. There will be others in your situation too, click onto Share your Story and scroll through. The forum has a homepage with support and the Icarus Trust posts here too. Please don't feel alone, keep in touch here and speak to others, you'll feel like a weight has been lifted off you. Take care ❤ Lx

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Codeine Addiction by

Hi K, welcome to the forum. Firstly I want to say that you should be so proud of yourself for admitting you have a problem and want to stop. For any person with addiction this is always hard i guess. If you click on 'share your story ' and read Flower's thread or Chris 81 under your story, they're all in similar situation to you. We live in UK and my son got no help from GP either, he also was up front to reception and doc who both seemed to look down on him as if he had some awful disease! Everyone on this forum is supportive and kind, no judgement. Read the other threads, look after yourself, I hope you get the help and support you need. Sending hugs Lx

My son by

Hi Debzie, welcome to the forum, we all have loved ones who have addictions and some people in recovery offering support and advice. It's difficult to know what to say as everyone's situation us different. The forum has support so do Icarus trust who post here. I usually go onto the Theresa thread click on 'share your Story '. There are several of us mums with sons who have addictions, everyone is a great support to each other. I think you need to give him guidelines about what's acceptable and what's not, and that you won't be paying off any more debt. Although it's easier said than done. Please don't feel alone, and please look after yourself and the rest of family. Keep in touch on here too. My son is 28yrs and is addicted to cocaine and alcohol. Hes had periods where he's been clean, but then relapses unfortunately, but this is normal I'm told. Always here to chat Lx

by Debzie

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Alcohol dependence by

Hi Kathlou, welcome to the forum, so many people here with loved ones who have addictions. I usually post about my son who has alcohol and cocaine addictions. Your story resonates with me, as I had an elderly relative who lived alone who we cared for and I noticed same problems as you with your dad. She was also getting forgetful and kept repeating herself. I took her to doc who referred her for brain ct scan. It was vascular dementia. I noticed she was sleeping late, house in darkness, withdrawing from us a bit, personal hygiene, just sat in front of TV all day. That's when I realised she was drinking large amounts of gin 'to help her sleep ' but it became an out of control habit. Went to doc again said detox required or she would shorten her life as she was getting through 1-3 litres a week drinking it almost undiluted! She got detox at home over a few weeks with another relative staying with her. We got power of attorney when dementia was diagnosed, so she couldn't protest much thankfully. I attended all medical appointments with her so that I could paint a true picture of what was really happening. She stopped drinking after that, but her physical health was affected and lost confidence going out after a few falls. It's difficult as they can be stubborn but when they have dementia they don't realise the severity of addiction. I know adfam homepage offer advice and support also Icarus trust posts here too. I wish you all the best and hope you both get the support you need. Lx

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My son is addicted to weed. by

Hi MrsB Welcome to the forum, everyone here has a loved one with an addiction. No need to feel that you're on your own. I also watched that film, so sad and touching, I felt the Dad's pain and frustration. What a cycle they go through, i know my son's better than he does. He is 28yrs and has alcohol and cocaine addictions. I understand the rollercoaster of emotions, the anger, the aggression, the debt, clearing the debt, calls at stupid o'clock , always needing or demanding something , the selfishness. The forum have support on the home page and the Icarus trust posts here too. I usually post on the Theresa thread, just click on to 'share your story ' or join the recent post. We're all mums of sons with addictions, supporting and sharing advice with each other. Its a relief to vent with someone who knows, as most times we can't talk to our families or friends about it. Yes, it hurts like a knife to see them so downtrodden and low, but at the end of the day, they themselves have to make the choice to change their lifestyle. My so was clean for almost 6months until recently, he did it through AA and CA groups. It was wonderful to have my son back fir that time. Unfortunately he relapsed again, back on the vicious cycle of addiction. We know we can do no more, we have to take care of ourselves and other family. Otherwise our own mental health and physical health will suffer. Try and enjoy the sunny days, practice some mindfulness or 5 min meditation. I hope you find your peace soon, have hope and faith for his future. Thinking and praying for you Lx

by MrsB247

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