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Hey Really good to hear from you!! All sounds promising!! Hope it continues x Yeah all okay here, I sorta wonder if he’s fallen out with his mate or his mum…I stopped messaging her and calling because it was hard, when he was awful and she still tried to back him, he’s her son so I don’t blame her but I’ve done nothing wrong really, the main reason she’s seeing more arguments is because I’m standing up for myself now so I won’t take any of the rubbish I used to. All that being said, He did come over and burst into tears, I hugged him and told him I’m here, all was quite sweet. We messaged loads and he asked if we can try so I’m gonna let him, at the end of the day I’m here already so if he can step up and knock that on the head then I’m gonna be here and things will be good 😊 It’s been a really lovely few days! Babys happy and spending time with her daddy, ive seen the old him for a few days and my girls have enjoyed his company for once!! All good 👍🏻 x

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My ex has been a cocaine addict and now I think he’s cheated by

Hey Mj Just reading through what your going through, From my experiences, my ‘partner’ he used to use with me, just weekend stuff but all sorts, I think we were quite careful, sex life was good and yeah he was defo more pervy on it…. Fast forward to last year and he spiraled out of control, a man that he considered his father figure passed away and his drug use went crazy, drinking and using every other day, he walked out on me because I wanted it to stop, sided with his friend who wanted to use just like him and that was that, I took him back countless times, fell pregnant and I continued to stay clean, work hard and make a complete u turn. He was vile last year, screaming my street down, going crazy when we were out and about - all looney stuff! This year and we have spoken more, he’s been trying to win me back as his friend has ditched him, but the whole pervy thing!! Well the other night after seeing him for a couple of hours I came home, All fine as far as I knew, But come morning and I wake up to my phone and a million messages, he’s still awake, been up all night and I’m guessing about 3 tickets down, He’s sending me pervy messages about what he wants to do to me, where and is sending me filthy photos of all sorts!! Not what I expected to wake up to, I felt slightly uncomfortable and with my daughters in the house I just deleted it all very quick and ignored him Anyway later in the evening I get messages saying he felt like an idiot, obviously a full day of sleeping and he’s woken up to what he’s done!! I have no idea if he’s cheated on me, it makes me feel sick!, I will say that excessive use makes his little friend try n disappear so I’ve never been too worried but you never no! I don’t like it though, I don’t feel comfortable knowing he’s more than likely watching porn and messaging people It’s a horrible drug! X

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I’m pregnant and feel so alone by

I’ writing this after another night alone in bed whilst he’s sat downstairs sniffing, waking me at 6 this morning asking me to drive him or he will risk driving himself so I stupidly did. I’m 3 months pregnant, our dream! After 3 miscarriages I finally fell pregnant but it all seems too late. He is the love of my life!, we are the slightly different dream couple that people envy, I’m 44 he’s 28. I have 4 amazing loving girls, he only has his mum, We just fit, or we did, inseparable ever since, that is until this year. He introduced me to different drugs, mdma, coke, ecstasy. Always on a really careful level, together and safe as possible. And then last year the man who brought him up died unexpectedly. Life changed, he’s buying 2 or 3 tickets every other night, he’s using beans and Valium to get rest. He has no patience, I can’t speak without him shutting me down, yet he writes me messages about how I can change. He has no money, he gambles or borrows or will even drive for his dealers. This is my man! The amazing man I fell for, and he’s gone. He cry’s happy tears over our baby, promises to change. I can’t speak to anyone about this, I just want him to stop or see what’s going on. I stopped way before I fell pregnant, I stopped drinking and vaping, I have a huge reason. He’s drinking so much as well, my house has a smell of smoke and alcohol, it’s disgusting. I can’t help regretting our baby yet it’s all I’ve prayed for for years, I don’t want this to be our life.

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