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Hi, I'm new here too and just want to say I too am struggling with my adult child. She is an addict and over the past 10 years my life has suffered, emotionally, financially, I don't get close to any new acquaintances or neighbours etc in case they judge me, I keep everyone at arms length, I've gone through thousands and thousands of pounds trying to help her in new directions with her life, courses for different jobs, rehabs, rent payments when she moved out but she's back now. The person I become at times when I get angry and frustrated by her returning to her addiction, I don't even recognise. I am trying to start this new year with good intentions for myself, to be calm and sensible in every encounter with her and to be determined not to accept any bad behaviour or treatment from her, but it is very hard. Take care of yourself, respect yourself, love yourself, you have tried so hard, you deserve some peace. X

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Hi Lilgunner I am new to this forum and have just read this post. I'm sending you love and hope for a happy future and the good, kind, decent and loving person that you are shines through in all your words. It seems to me that you have been a victim of someone being cruel to you and if you can close this chapter of your life, new happy chapters can be written. Be as good and kind to yourself as you possibly can in 2022, you are worth so much more than how you have been treated and there is happiness out there for you in another place. 😊

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