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Cocaine took the love of my life by

That’s the worst part, I did cut contact for a month and I felt so much better but if I’m honest I had hope then that he was genuinely trying to find himself again. It was when we I let him back in that he got back in my head. He kept denying the other women saying he’s not with her in that way and it’s too soon for us to try and made me feel that in time we would be ok. He’s not at the point where he users everyday and maybe cuts it out for days/weeks, he still functions as in goes to work he bought the company he works for in April. He really was depressed and says he left because we don’t work and the relationship was toxic. My response was yes I agree but the toxins you put in your body have to come out somewhere. I know I can’t help him and he needs to see what he has done. I’m really am going to focus and myself and my son and cut him out again. He’s not a bad person but he is no longer the person I fell in love with. I despise coke and what it has done to him I’ve never done it and will never understand why people would want too. Thank you

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Hi, my partner of over 8 years left me and our 3 yr old nearly 3 months ago and immediately moved on to another women who is everything he’s always said he doesn’t like in women. He admitted 6 months ago that he has been using coke for 5 and a half years since his mum became ill and died. For the past 2 years he’s constantly on the toilet furthest away and starting drinking his nose always running and wakes up with orange stuff across his face. Even when I asked him previously before his admission he would scream and shout at me likes I was deluded. He was such a kind and caring person and still acted like he adored me right up until the day he left. He told me he doesn’t want to be with me but gives me mixed signals when we see each other. I know the right thing to do is walk away but how do you give up on someone you love and know is a completely different person to who he once was. Our son adores him but he only sees him 2 hours a week it’s pointkess but I would never stop him from seeing him but he’s not really playing a part in his life I feel he’s only spending that little time with him to prove he’s there in his life but I’ll never understand how that enough or why coke means more than people who love and care for you

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