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My husband is corrections officer who is also an alcoholic! He was sober for 20 years and 7 years Ago relapsed after the Murder of another officer and then suicide of three others. He has now done outpatient and inPatient and was doing very well until covid hit. Unable to go to meetings and then the added stress at working deal with covid positive inmates he tried to kill himself! He wasn’t successful as I was there and called the police and was able to stop him but the stress has taken a huge toll on me. Right now the focus is all on him , which I understand but is it wrong for me to feel so lost as the last 7 years I’ve been by his side fightIng all the demons and struggles and again go back down the rabbit hole! I just wonder if there will come a time when someone wonders how I am through all this! How am I coping! I still work full time plus deal with his job, insurance, counselors, Ect..., I love him very much but his family doesn’t help but when he stumbles instead of offering support or help again I get blamed for not doing more. Thank you for letting me share! I have never done this before so again Thank you! Feeling lost!

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