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Please do, you need support for your situation and it’s hard to find, but don’t feel like your on your own because you’re not there are many of us in the same situation, Georgia on here has much more experience of the situation than me and she has helped me- she told me to leave my ex and tbh it was for the best, it’s tough but worth it as my situation was just getting worse he’s promised everything but no actions have backed it up and tough love was needed- you’ll see that with your partner in the end but it takes a while and a lot of heartache to get there, he might come good but the odds are not great- keep strong and take care. Lou x

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Anxiety and Panic Attacks after Codeine Withdrawal by

It’s early days, it will be hard but it’s worth it - really, what’s the alternative to stay on massive doses that will ultimately screw your health up? The side effects will only last a couple of weeks at most, the rest is fighting associations with the drug and psychological dependence but with support ( you carnt do this on your own definitely) you will get there your probably stronger than you think lou x

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My life right now by

Ps it’s harsh to say but he is putting crack before you and the kids, but that’s addiction- it’s insidious it gets in to and takes over everything to a point that nothing else matters. Try not to take his choices personally he’s not in control anymore and needs help, I know how you feel it’s like being cheated on, but I’ve learnt that an addicts brain works differently to ours, especially stuff like coke and crack really messes up your thinking more so than heroin I think that’s more of a physical addiction, psychological addictions are as bad just in a different way. Your priorities are yourself and your kids chic, if they weren’t with you how would you feel? I know I’d be devastated to lose my son but social services are a bitch once they get involved and it only takes one person to say something out of line - I know and it’s not worth it believe me- lou x

Alcoholic girlfriend by

Hi there, I’m sorry you feel alone chic I do too sometimes it’s hard being with an addict you feel it’s 2 steps forward three steps back all the time however I would like to offer you some hope That it can get better, i’m living proof of that. I have been with an alcoholic and it’s soul destroying but he hit rock bottom and got better after that, in fortunately we didn’t work out but that was not because of the drink, he now has a family of his own and a v good job and we are still friends- The cold hard truth says someone will only do it when their as low as they can get and have no other option. That’s the truth. I’ll keep in touch and stay strong. Louise

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Lapsed after 2 month without coke :( by

Thanks NaNs I appreciate your response. You’re right what you say you never fully appreciate the problems people go through until it’s on your doorstep. You sound like you’re very strong and you should remember that, don’t worry about what other people think that’s a slippery slope and hard to get off- The only thing that matters is what you think and what you think is the best thing to do - and I’m sure you know what that is, Lou x

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I understand what you’re saying Danman and thank you for your response it does really help me, honestly it does, do you and your GF live together? I worry if my partner is on a night out, which isn’t v often tbh - because he’s always skint - I always paid when we went out even though he’s on a much better salary than me, but his wages don’t last long after the first week, for obvious reasons- he’s supposed to be going out tmw with work so I’m stressing about it already - get that head out your ass chic you’ll be fine your stronger than u think -lou

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How are you doing jo? It’s a lonely life being with an addict - I know x I’ve been in the same spot as you, and it’s hard, there’s no doubt in that. But you do need to talk to people if it’s only on a forum, it’s helped me on here tbh, but nothing helps more than talking to a friend you can trust. I’ve bought up my son on my own- he’s 9 now, and that was easier than doing it with an addict, someone said to me once- there’s 3 people in your relationship me, my partner and drugs/alcohol- if it was another woman would you put with it? Probably not, believe in yourself and put yourself first chic, you’re worth more than you think - Lou x

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