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Really need some help and advice please by

Hi, sorry not replied sooner, wanted to read your post carefully again. You have had a terrible time, hope you have supportive friends. Can quite understand why weed is a better option than ketamine, why do they even try these things for heavens sake!! And it is soul destroying. I have a younger son who, like your older children, has seen what has happened to his uncle and brother with drugs and hates it. He has stopped seeing friends because he doesn't like how they drink. He is also living at home, but barely speaks to his brother and spends a lot of his time trying to avoid him. They were good friends when they were little. You are doing everything possible for your boys, there is enough to worry about in the present without thinking too much about the future, it will keep you awake at night and it sounds like your boys are slowly going in the right direction. Know what you mean about being a carer, that's what I am too. The psychiatrist we spoke to said that I was my son's "frontal lobe", basically I did all the thinking for him! We must have super brains with all the thinking we have to do!! Like you said they are manipulative and good liars, my boy is good at talking to me when he needs me....(or money) and he knows how to pull on the heart strings, need to remember that... Hope you are having a good week with your boys and also feeling ok, thank you again for your messages xx